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Releases: Jeff Soto Prints

Starting soon, Jeff Soto (interviewed) has a series of prints he will be releasing, all through his online store – Potatostamp. The first will be the popular Snow Owl image (from his show in France), a timed release 12″ x 15″ print on wood on sale starting November 16th (*date was wrong originally so changed it) at noon PST for $55 + shipping. This will be on sale for 24 hours so anyone who wants to purchase it can get one during that time period. It […]

Streets: Jeff Soto (Lyon) Part II

Last week, we brought you photos of the cat-inspired mural Jeff Soto (interviewed) painted while in France for the Les Enfants TERRIBLES exhibition. It looks like that wasn’t the last of the feline-inspired walls that Jeff endowed on the city of Lyon as he now sends us a second set of photos of this large Le Chat Terrible piece, one of the largest outdoor works he has done in recent memory. The industrious Riverside-based artist finished it in pretty much in one day after sketching it […]

Streets: Jeff Soto (France)

Jeff Soto (interviewed) is currently in Lyon, France prepping for the  Les Enfants TERRIBLES satellite exhibition during Lyon Biennale week. While there, he is continuing to exercise his renewed love for mural work with this feline piece in a nearby park, which was inspired by a local chat (cat) that was hanging out as well as something for the local kids. More photos after the jump as well as a video preview of the group exhibition…

Preview / Studio Visit: Jeff Soto for “Les Enfants TERRIBLES” (Lyon)

Last week, AM was invited over to visit Jeff Soto (interviewed) in his new studio in Riverside. The multi-purpose complex not only housed his workspace and office but also a tattoo parlor, a clothing line, as well as the office of childhood friend Maxx242. We were looking forward to seeing some new paintings from Jeff, seeing as he was surrounded by other creative talents. What you see above is some of the work he will be bringing to Lyon during the opening week of the Lyon Biennale for […]

Preview: Sea No Evil 2011

Time flies!  The annual Sea No Evil benefit auction ($10 donation required at the door) is fast approaching – in fact, it’s this Saturday, June 25th. It seems the lineup and art included in show just gets better each year (see 2010 and 2009), so you will want to be at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium starting at 6pm that night as She Wants Revenge will be playing and Captain Watson from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be speaking. But more importantly for >

Releases: Jeff Soto – Eddie Vedder Screenprint (Providence 2011)

Next Friday, June 22nd, Jeff Soto (interviewed) will be releasing a new five color screenprint on his webstore. Limited to a signed edition of 100 and costing $65, the print celebrates the first night of Pearl Jam lead vocalist Eddie Vedder’s US Tour. This is not the first time Jeff has worked with the American rock band if you remember. Some in-progress shots after the jump…

3D Art Book Signing @ Opera Gallery

AM recently attended a special signing party for the 3D Art Book (previewed) hosted at the Opera Gallery in New York. Many of the contributors such as Tristan Eaton, Eric White, Haze, Esao Andrews, Tara McPherson, Erik Foss, Andrew Bell, Stephen Bliss, Kevin Bourgeois, Filth, Kenzo Minami, Mint, Serf, Dr. Revolt and Tom Thewes were in attendance, signing and drawing for the droves of fans who came out to support their favorite artists. Fans were treated also to a mini pop-up exhibition as each artist’s work […]

Signings: 3D Art Book @ Opera Gallery NY

Grab your funkiest three dimensional glasses for this Friday as Opera Gallery in New York hosts a special book signing for the awesome 3D Art Book (previewed). Creator Tristan Eaton will lead 15 artist such as: Haze, Travis Louie, Tara McPherson, Andrew Bell, Stephen Bliss, Kevin Bourgeois, Ron English, Mat Eaton, Filth, Kenzo Minami, Mint, Serf, Dr. Revolt & Tom Thewes for a signing session of this packed book of your favorites rendered in eye popping 3D. In case you didn’t know, many AM favorites […]

Releases: 3D Art Book

Animal NY recently let us know about book of artwork from some of our favorite artists that is coming out – in 3D. Compiled by Tristan Eaton, the artists included is impressive – of which you can see a full list of here. For those interested, it’s up for preorder here.

Preview: “Suggestivism” @ GCAC

Coming hot off the heels of Joe Sorren’s (featured) epic retrospective at the gallery, Suggestivism, a group exhibition curated by Nathan Spoor, opens this Saturday at CSUF Grand Central Art Center. It features over 50 different works (old and new) that embody Suggestivism, a term first used in the late nineteenth century describing an organic process of art making that suggests an ambiguous narrative. The exhibition features artists who illustrate ideas or subjects whose relationships point towards a loose and open narrative, constructed by the […]