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Preview: Kelsey Brookes – “Desires of the Soul” @ The Outsiders

It’s been almost a year since Kelsey Brookes (featured) had a solo show, and if you remember, it was held at Circleculture in Berlin. The time since then has been spent in the studio getting together a new body of work (30 new paintings, 13 sculptures, drawings, and more) ready for Desires of the Soul, his newest exhibition set to open on November 3rd at The Outsiders in London. A show six years in the making, it certainly sounds like something you should attend. More […]

Openings: “Reality Bites” @ Post No Bills

Last week, Post No Bills held their third exhibition thus far entitled Reality Bites. The show centered around the work of various artists including Borf, Brett Amory, Sage Vaughn, Kelsey Brookes, Mark Jenkins, Morley, and Ravi Zupa who supplied new limited edition prints as well as hand finished multiples. Among some of the night’s highlights, Shark (seen previously here) by Brookes was one which clearly got the attention of the visitors. Featuring the use of neon-colored lines and an array of colors, the piece was […]

Teaser: Kelsey Brookes @ Lazarides

After our last update on Kelsey Brookes (featured), it looks like he’s continuing to grow and expand his next body of work.  These paintings are destined for his a London show with Lazarides this coming November along with some new prints and sculptural pieces. And, for those who missed his last show in Germany from last November, take a look a video documenting his adventures there after the jump along with more pics from his studio…

Update: Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes, who we last saw exhibit in Germany in November, recently posted up some images of his new work. After rehanging the whole studio, he decided to go in a darker more angry direction and frankly, we are liking what we see. Take a look at more of what he’s been up to – after the jump…

Openings: ‘Marks & Stencils’ pop-up gallery, London

Last Thursday, AM was in London’s Soho district to attend the opening of Marks & Stencils: the Pictures On Walls Christmas season pop-up gallery exhibition, which in previous years has gone by the name of Santa’s Ghetto. There was a great atmosphere at the event. No doubt this was partly assisted by the deceptively strong cocktails being served, which led us to yet again repeat our mistake of equating “sweet drink” with “harmless drink”. But that’s another story. The show harbours a selection of prints […]

Showing: Kelsey Brookes – “Caped Creatures” @ Circleculture Gallery

Currently showing at  Circleculture Gallery in Berlin, Kelsey Brookes’ new body of work features his signature colorful eruptions of abstract shapes. When examined closer, the raw forms coalesce into the various “Caped Creatures” as well as a place of refuge in what appears to be a Noah’s Ark painting. Check out more photos of the San Diego-based artist’s work via Art School Vets after the jump…

Previews: Kelsey Brookes – “Caped Creatures” @ Circleculture Gallery (Berlin)

When we last talked to Kelsey Brookes (featured), it was at the fantastic “Come As You Are” group show at the PRISM (covered). Time flies as his next solo show that he mentioned to us that day is already almost here. “Caped Creatures” opens on November 18th at the Circleculture Gallery in Berlin and will include the San Diego area based artist’s paintings featuring his signature multi-colored explosions as well as the spinning pieces he introduced back at a show in July (covered). Now we […]

Openings: “Come As You Are” @ PRISM

Last night, the PRISM gallery on the Sunset Strip hosted a group exhibition “Come As You Are” in conjunction with New Image Art and RVCA. Featuring an eclectic collection of artists across all genres, the show included Susanne Melanie Berry, Kelsey Brookes (featured), Richard Colman (interviewed), Dennis Hopper, Ryan McGinness, Cleon Peterson, Clare Rojas, Craig Stecyk, Deanna Templeton, Ed Templeton and a video by Cheryl Dunn of Dash Snow as well as the three artists below. In particular, we liked the pieces by Os Gemeos […]

Preview: “Come As You Are” @ Prism Gallery

Looks like Prism Gallery is about to drop some bombs on LA. This Thursday, they are hosting the opening (7-9pm) of “Come As You Are”. This group show has a line-up of heavy hitters like Os Gemeos, Kelsey Brookes, Clare Rojas, Clayton Brothers, Cleon Peterson, Susanne Melanie Berry, Richard Colman, Cheryl Dunn, Dennis Hopper, Craig Steeyk, Deanna Templeton and Ed Templeton. Have a peek at more Os Gemeos goodness after the jump.

Showing: Kelsey Brookes – “Total Eclipse” Group Show @ New Image Art

Earlier this month, San Diego based artist Kelsey Brookes was part of a three-person show at New Image Art entitled “New Eclipse”. For this show, not only did Brookes include his colorful and abstract “explosion” paintings, he also added a twist – spinners and puzzles. The spinners were paintings that spun in place while hung on the wall (video here) and the puzzles were pieces that included interchangeable parts so that collectors could rearrange them at will. More photos after the jump…