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Teaser: Art HK ’11 – Masakatsu Sashie @ Mizuma Gallery

Exhibiting with Mizuma Gallery, Masakatsu Sashie might very well steal the show with his newest creation destined for Art HK 2011, Asia’s preeminent art fair running from May 26th -29th. Producing a work with imagery that references the devastation left in wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami in his home country, the Japanese artist eerily conceived of the post-apocalyptic composition and began painting the piece prior to the disaster. A chilling, if unwanted, example of art imitating life, or in this case foreshadowing. Much […]

Armory Week ’10: The Armory Show

Undoubtedly, you all have been waiting for more Armory Week ’10 coverage, and we apologize for the delay, but after nearly a week of visually-overloaded days and late nights, we had to take a break before getting to it. But now, without any further ado… In the end, we hit six fairs, including Pulse, Scope and Volta. The main attraction, of course, was The Armory Show, which was housed on two piers on Manhattan’s West side. Pier 92 focused on modern art (generally, the super […]

Preview: Mizuma Art Gallery @ Armory 2010

Tokyo’s Mizuma Art returns to New York City this week to participate in Armory 2010, and to whet our appetites before the fair, they sent us a few preview images. Unlike at Art Basel Miami, where the gallery had a solo show with conceptual/video artist Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (covered), at Armory, Mizuma will be showing a variety of works by their stable of emerging and mid-career Japanese artists, including such AM favorites as Ai Yamaguchi, Akino Kondoh, Tomoko Konoike and Masakatsu Sashie. See preview images, after […]

Openings: Sashie Masakatsu – “De Facto Standard” @ Mizuma Gallery

Mizuma Gallery recently hosted the opening of Masakatsu Sashie’s latest body of work “De Facto Standard.” As mentioned in our preview, Sashie isn’t just content with his success using his spherical motifs. He seeks to redefine the mold of success with larger canvas sizes and unique “shapes” we have not yet seen from the young artist. From ginormous wall size canvases to a few select smaller pieces sporting some unseen before designs, Sashie is definitely going for the “less is more” approach with only six high quality paintings […]

Preview: Sashie Masakatsu – “De Facto Standard” @ Mizuma Gallery

Masakatsu Sashie is preparing to show back at his home country of Japan at Mizuma Galley after a recent show in LA. Opening this Saturday, November 26th, the show will run until the day after Christmas. We expect his signature urban orbs floating over ominous landscapes, but as the title of the show also hints at, Sashie is not merely content with having his art meet some arbitrary “De Facto Standard.” He seeks to push his talents to another level. This latest body of work also […]

Openings: Masakatsu Sashie – “Twentieth Century Boy”

Darren Romanelli (Dr. Romanelli) and Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot) recently opened a one-night only pop up show featuring new works by AM favorite Masakatsu Sashie in Los Angeles (previewed). The show paid tribute to the band T-Rex (led by Marc Bolan), who is one of Sashie’s favorite bands growing up. The show benefited the Light of Love Foundation charity. Check out some pics after the jump.

Preview: Masakatsu Sashie – “Twentieth Century Boy”

Opening tomorrow night in Hollywood (as we told a couple weeks ago) is Japanese phenom Masakatsu Sashie’s tribute to the British glam rock band T-Rex. Riffing on his trademark floating orbs, typically composed of reclaimed vending machines, electronics and cultural scraps, Sashie has meticulously hidden references of one of his favorite bands within this batch of paintings. Thanks to curatorial work of Darren Romanelli (designer of Dr. Romanelli clothing) and Eric Nakamura (owner of Giant Robot), collectors in Southern California will have an opportunity to […]

Teaser: Masakatsu Sashie – “Twentieth Century Boy”

On September 30th, Darren Romanelli (Dr. Romanelli) and Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot) will be presenting Twentieth Century Boy, a one-night show featuring new paintings by Masakatsu Sashie (covered) paying tribute to T. Rex. For those who don’t know, T. Rex was a 70s British glam-rock band led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Marc Bolan, probably best known for their hit Bang a Gong (Get It On) from the album Electric Warrior (later covered and made a hit again by 80s “supergroup” Power Station). Apparently, Sashie is a big […]

Ayako Rokkaku @ Scope Miami

Over at Basel Week Miami, there were hundreds if not thousands of artists that were represented at the various art fairs. Ayako Rokkaku was one that caught AM’s eye and we did a little more digging for you. Similar to another rising Japanese arist: Masakatsu Sashie (here), Ayako also got her start at Takashi Murakami’s Geisai art fair where she won Scout Prize at Geisai #4/#10 and the prestigious Akio Goto Prize at Geisai #9. Her style is unique in that she paints not with brushes […]

Mizuma Art Gallery @ Pulse Miami

First stop at Pulse Miami Thursday morning was Tokyo’s Mizuma Art, which is known for showing some of Japan’s most exciting early- and mid-career artists, including Makoto Aida, Hisashi Tenmyouya and Tomoko Konoike. Upon entering the gallery’s booth, AM was immediately struck by two impressive paintings by Sashie Masakatsu. Masakatsu, who has just recently started to be shown by Mizuma, was a hit at Takashi Murakami’s Geisai fair a few years ago, as well as at Geisai USA and a recent solo show at LA’s […]