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Openings: “Now’s the Time” @ Black Rat Press

As we mentioned in our preview, Black Rat Projects opened their doors a while back to a pretty impressive collection of the street scene a couple weeks ago. Just like the “Thousands” show last year, this exhibition gave fans a chance to see all their favorite street artists (including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey (featured), Swoon (interviewed), Banksy, Barry Mcgee, Faile (featured) and Os Gemeos) at the same time under one roof. Other than museum shows, this is probably the only way you can […]

Video: D.I.Y. America – Os Gemeos

The good people behind D.I.Y. America (who also produced Beautiful Losers), a documentary series, have focused one of their episodes on one of our favorites street artist duos, Os Gemeos. In this video, you can see the twins being interviewed about their work, history, and philosophy and also there is some pretty awesome footage of them in action and their paintings. Take a look at other episodes here. Discuss Os Gemeos here.

Openings: Os Gemeos – “Vertigem” @ CCBB Brasilia

The twins from Sao Paulo have opened the next installment of their famed “Verti” exhibition at the CCBB Brasilia. Following the mind blowing and successful show at the CCBB of Rio De Janerio (covered), Os Gemeos continued their home country museum tour with another astonishing body of work. With their signature yellow characters and bright array of hometown colors, we see them create another stunning exhibition with installations of cars, boxes and visually interactive goodies for the lucky folks of Brazil. The exhibition runs until May […]

Streets: Pixadores attack mural by Os Gemeos, NUNCA, NINA, Finok, and Zefix

Proving that tensions between graffiti artists and street artists are not just a phenomena of the western world (see banksy vs. robbo), Pixacao artists in Sao Paulo have defaced a mural by Os Gemeos, NUNCA, NINA, Finok, and Zefix. They are probably angry that the mayor of Sao Paulo, after creating the project “Clean City” in 2006 (which erased much of the illegal graffiti) is using public funds for commissioning legal writers and famous street artists. This all at a time when the government is […]

Openings: Os Gemeos – “Nos Braços de um Anjo” @ Galleria Patricia Armocida

The hottest twins in the art world landed in Milan for their much anticipated second show with Galleria Patricia Armocida entitled “Nos Braços de um Anjo” (In the Arms of an Angel), which opened last night. Os Gemeos premiered their latest body of work, consisting of beautiful canvas paintings, sculptures and of course their famed installations for the lucky folks of Italy. Check out the opening pics after the jump.

Teaser: Os Gemeos – “Nos Braços de um Anjo” @ Galleria Patricia Armocida

On January 25, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, better known as Os Gemeos, will open “Nos Braços de um Anjo” (In the Arms of an Angel), their second solo show at Milan’s Galleria Patricia Armocida. According to the gallery’s press release, the twins will present new canvases and sculptures, as well as a site-specific interactive installation. See two other teaser images, after the jump

Streets: Os Gemeos Performance

Os Gemeos recently participated in a public performance in downtown São Paulo of “The Stranger” aided by a large balloon of one of their classic figures. The parade performance was done in collaboration with Plasticien Volants, a world-renowned French company which specializes in creating aerial theater with giant inflatable puppets.  Take a look at couple more pics after the jump, but for the full set, check out Lost Art.

Openings: Basel Week Miami ’09 – “Stages” Exhibition

AM stopped by “Stages” last night on the final leg of its journey.  One of the hottest shows of Art Basel Week opened with many of the artists in attendance including Jose Parla, KAWS, Shepard Fairey (featured), D-zine, Futura, Rossom Crowe, Os Gemeos, Tom Sachs, and Eric White (seen above with his mother – a cancer survivor). The paintings will be auctioned off to benefit LIVESTRONG and the fight against cancer. More pics after the jump…

Preview: Basel Week Miami ’09 – Wynwood Walls

AM swung by Deitch Project’s Wynwood Walls early yesterday to check out the massive mural installation, still in progress. Upon arriving at the complex, we were greeted by Martha Cooper (interviewed) who was busy taking shots of Futura, Shepard Fairey (featured), Os Gemeos and Kenny Scharf as they were busy installing their massive murals. With additional pieces by Aiko, Barry McGee and Swoon (interviewed), expect Wynwood Walls to present an impressive showing later this evening. More pictures after the jump.

Teasers: Art Basel Week Miami ’09 – Wynwood Walls x Deitch

Deitch Projects has assembled an astounding roster of artists – including Aiko, Shepard Fairey (featured), Barry McGee, Os Gemeos and Swoon (interviewed) – to participate in its Art Basel Miami ’09 Wynwood Walls project. According to the press release, a major property owners in Miami’s Wynwood art district has made available a group of walls and buildings on which the artists can create murals. The project also includes an indoor space where paintings by several of the artists and documentary photographs by Martha Cooper (interviewed) […]