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Streets: Phlegm – “calibrating the seeing device” (Croatia)

The pervasive Sheffield street artist Phlegm is at it again, this time in Croatia. After recently endowing the streets of London with a steampunk-inspired flying machine, he bestows the Balkans with the longest, most technologically superior seeing device ever. Brilliantly using the architectural details of the space, Phlegm transforms a security gate at the end of the wall into a entry hatch for his signature characters to gain access inside and calibrate the massive telescope. His monochromatic palette, free hand execution, and whimsical narrative has […]

Streets: Phlegm (London)

As you saw in our London Instagram Roundup last week, Phlegm was in London recently and painted some of the walls of the Foundry Building on Old Street with his signature characters. It looks like the Sheffield-based street muralist hasn’t finished with Shoreditch yet as he recently added this airship piece at the Zetland House to the long list of fantastical vessels he’s painted in the past, although this time he’s taking to the skies instead of to the water. More photos from unusualimage after the […]

Streets: London Instagram Roundup

After having a break from London, AM was very happy to return to a lot of fresh pieces. Phlegm has been painting the walls of The Foundry with his impressive comic book characters, Kid Acne has put up one of his excellent paste-ups which is especially nice, and it was also great to see that Mobstr had been out and about again with one of his thought provoking stencil messages. Also a great wall by artist David Shillinglaw who currently has a show at East […]

Street: Phlegm for Walk & Talk Festival (Azores)

Despite a time-consuming process of producing the recently released handmade and silkscreened Illuminated Alphabet zine, Phlegm continues to find time to put in work on the streets. This amazing new piece continues his fascination with aquatic vessels and was painted for the recent Walk & Talk Festival in Azores, Portugal and only took four days despite its massive size and detail. Among the other 30 artists making appearances on São Miguel island were Vhils, Interesni Kazki, and Escif. More pics after the jump via Unurth.

Releases: Phlegm – “Illuminated Alphabet” Book

The newest zine that Phlegm had been hard at work at (first mentioned here) has finally been made available and what a beauty it is. The postcard size book is completely handmade and painstakingly silk-screened as each letter is illustrated in the UK-based street artist’s signature imagery. The edition size is 300 and priced shipped to UK addresses for £10 and anywhere outside the UK fro £11.50 (with a simple version slightly cheaper). More images after the jump…

Streets: Sheffield Instagram Round-Up

AM’s regular Instagrammer SazaJane is taking a break this week from her London street art round-up, so as we were in Sheffield this weekend for Kid Acne’s opening, we bring you a northern version. We checked out some of the classic Acne slogan based murals that make up part of the Sheffield scenery, along with pieces, throwies and tags by Ema, D-Rot, Phlegm, Motfu, Dscreet and Osk amongst others. Take a look at more pics after the jump.

Phlegm: Squid Boat

Known for his penchant for painting murals of boats and creatures of the sea, for example Whale of a Time and The Harnessing of Giant Squids, Phlegm has taken it to the next level and painted an actual boat. The effect is quite striking when seen half submerged and makes us want to see how the mural on the jet he painted would look in the air. More pics after the jump…

Streets: Phlegm (Sheffield)

Prolific street artist Phlegm continues to his assault on derelict walls in Sheffield. After taking a break to hit up London, the UK-based artist struck closer to home with this complex piece although we aren’t sure how zombies got involved. With so many sweet murals under his belt, that wall-based photographic comic he is working up is shaping up quite nicely – can’t wait. Another detailed shot after the jump…

Streets: Phlegm – “Shrines and Caskets”

Looks like Phlegm has found a new location and is continuing to work on murals for his forthcoming photographic edition of his zine Phlegm Comic. If you remember, the UK-based artist had taken us on a tour of an abandoned school where he had spent time getting up a series of works, also slated for the epic comic which has been two years in the making. For those impatiently waiting for the wall zine, you may want to check out a separate project presumably to be […]

Streets: Phlegm / Abandoned School – Sheffield

Phlegm’s work in and around Sheffield has always given us a buzz here at AM, so when recently driving past Sheffield, we stopped by to take a look at the Art Fag that Kid Acne recently painted as we heard that Phlegm had made an addition to the mural, painting some of his distinctive buildings to form a smouldering end to the giant ciggie. Whilst driving up the hill to the elevated site, we passed a dreadlocked figure painting a huge mural at the riverside which […]