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Preview Part II: Ryan McGinley – “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” @ Team Gallery

We have already previewed Ryan McGinley’s upcoming show (here) at Team Gallery, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, but since the artist’s homecoming show is so highly anticipated and is opening this Thursday night, we thought you could use a little reminder.  After all, who couldn’t use more McGinley in their lives?  For those planning on attending the March 18, 6pm opening, we suggest arriving early, as the Facebook event page for this show currently indicates over 1,500 confirmed guests (and that’s from Facebook alone)!  It […]

Showing: Ansel Adams – Photographs of Japanese-American Internment @ Library of Congress

Legendary American photographer, Ansel Adams, currently has some unique work on display at the Prints and Photographs division at the Library of Congress. Best known for his idyllic landscapes photos, he took on a different venture in 1943 when he was asked to document the Manzanar War Relocation Center (AKA: Japanese internment camp). Using his iconic lens, we get to see how life was for Japanese-Americans at these notorious internment facilities. This is the first time that this rare collection of portraits, landscapes and stills has been […]

Overtime: Mar 6 – 13

Robert Williams talks about his amazing new print – 144 colors. Stella Im Hultberg, Scott Radke, and Joe Sorren working on a batch of sculptures. Slinkachu serves up some Tikki Chicken Masala. The Guardian puts some questions to JR. New work from Ludo and Zilda. Skewville gets up for Factory Fresh. Reverse graffiti in South Africa. BBC clip based on a fictional day-in-the-life of Banksy Yosi speaks on the NEA. Terry Richardson hangs with Shaun White. Ever wonder what it’s like to model for Spencer […]

Openings: Nobuyoshi Araki – “Araki: A Perspective” @ Prism

West Hollywood’s fledgling, ambitious, and architecturally magnificent Prism gallery opened its second exhibition this past weekend. Delivering on their promise to show internationally recognized artists, Prism hosted the controversial and legendary Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, with a selection of about 70 of his works. The Tokyo-based artist is one of Japan’s most accomplished, notable, and respected photographers. His photos explore topics including love and sex and features his wife, Yoko, in much of his work. More after the jump…

Openings: Andreas Gursky @ Gagosian Gallery (Beverly Hills)

This past March 4th will end up being a significant date in the history of Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. The standard-bearer of all contemporary art galleries in the world premiered a major addition to their 90210 space. In addition, Andreas Gursky, one of the most well-known artists working in the photography medium, opened his newest major solo exhibition at the gallery. The expansion, designed by Richard Meier, features 5,000 square-feet of gallery space added on to the already existing 6,600 square-foot building. The new […]

Video: JR – “Women Are Heroes” (Paris)

Street photographer extraordinaire JR recently released a video chronicling one of his great projects, the Paris portion of his traveling show “Women Are Heroes” held during the Nuit Blanche festival (covered). In it, you can see varied response from the French people and media as well as some fabulous timelapse footage of the French artist and his crew relentlessly pasting up the banks of the Seine river. Discuss JR here.

Weekend Chelsea Art Walk, Part 1

New York City is currently digging out from yet another snowstorm. But last weekend, the weather in New York was beautiful, and luckily, we took advantage of the brief window of sun to spend the day strolling around Chelsea popping in and out of art galleries. And even more luckily, we saw lots of amazing art – so much so that it was too much to talk about in just one post. So, enjoy part 1 of our virtual Chelsea stroll today, and check back […]

Preview: The 2010 Whitney Biennial

Art critic Charlie Finch just posted on artnet one of the first reviews of the 2010 Whitney Biennial, which officially opens tomorrow. As each Biennial is an attempt to take the pulse of contemporary art in America, it is usually a challenging show, spanning all mediums, which typically offers at least something of interest for any art lover. However, it seems that Finch thinks a little more highly of this Biennial, ending his review “This is not only the greatest of Whitney Biennials, it is […]

Openings: Shaquille O’Neal – “Size Does Matter” @ Flag Art Foundation

Shaquille O’Neal’s curatorial debut opened at Flag Art Foundation this past Friday to a mass of curious art fans. A line filled the lobby just for the elevator up to the duplex gallery space on the 9th and 10th floor. The massive gallery space was justly utilized to house both the ginormous and microscopic pieces that represented the show’s theme “Size Matters”. “The Big Curator” did a nice job not only picking some of the top names in the industry, but also selecting some very relevant […]

Preview: Ryan McGinley – “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” @ Team Gallery

We at AM sometimes worry about Ryan McGinley – with all the work he accomplishes, it seems he never sleeps. That, or he is one of the most efficient and productive artists around. Fresh off his Olympics video and photo essay, Pringles of Scotland campaign, and solo exhibition at The Breeder, the phenomenal photographer opens his latest one-man show, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, on March 18 at Team Gallery. From what we see so far, the show seems to consist of black and white portraits, […]