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Interview / Previews: Mike Egan – ‘We Bleed Black Blood When We Die Dark Deaths’ @ Breeze Block Gallery

Pittsburgh based artist Mike Egan has a unique voice and visual vocabulary. With imagery steeped in blood, containing devils, skeletons, death and murder, his paintings tell the stories of those who have passed, those left behind after one’s passing, the mourners, the lovers, the hurt and the relieved.He has a solo exhibition We Bleed Black Blood When We Die Dark Deaths opening on October 3rd at Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery. AM caught up with him for a glimpse into his studio and an interview. Arrested […]

Openings: “Buddy System Invitational” @ Breeze Block Gallery

Earlier this month, the Buddy System Invitational (curated by Sven Davis) opened at the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland. The group exhibition centered on the interesting concept having each of the 22 invited artists bring along a fellow artist to exhibit alongside them with each contributing one 16 x 20″ & one 8 x 8″ artwork. Take a look at some photos from the opening below as well as the list of artists below and their “buddies.” Andrew Schoultz – Gianluca Franzese, Ben Venom – Megan Gorham, Brendan Monroe – Anders Oinonen, […]

Previews: ‘Unnatural Histories II’ @ Antler Gallery

Here’s a show that a few people are looking forward to. Unnatural Histories II is the follow up to last year’s group exhibition at Portland’s Antler Gallery. Opening on 26th September, the exhibition calls for each participating artist to create a natural history inspired portrait of a mythical creature. The subject can either be taken from existing mythologies/folklore or completely invented by the artist. Each of the artworks will be accompanied by a framed description of the creature as written by the artist. Below is an example […]

Previews: Stephanie Buer – ‘Inhabitants’ @ Hellion Gallery

Opening next month at Hellion Gallery is Inhabitants – a two person show featuring the work of Portland based artists JShea & Stephanie Buer. We’ve been following Stephanie Buer’s work since we first came across it a couple of years ago. Her depictions of abandoned buildings and graffiti strewn environments are exquisitely captured in both her graphite and oil work. Neglected spaces are reclaimed by nature through dereliction and by the hand of humans through vandalism, and the majority of Stephanie’s subject matter comes from her previous residency in Detroit, […]

Openings: Chris Valkov – ‘Schematical Sabbatical’ @ Breeze Block Gallery

Chris Valkov just opened his solo exhibition Schematical Sabbatical in Breeze Block Gallery’s gallery 2 space. We were excited to see the work on the walls after getting a preview on our recent studio visit and Chris’ debut showing certainly didn’t disappoint. Drawing references from his endeavours as an architectural draughtsman, Valkov’s exhibition materials presented a highly graphical series of paintings using a cohesive colour palette throughout. The striking paintings were split into groupings linked by their subject matter. His American house group of mock-blueprints […]

Streets: Forest For The Trees – Murals in Portland

Over the last couple of weeks, organisers and curators Gage Hamiliton and Matt Wagner (of Hellion Gallery) have assembled 15 international artists to participate in Forest For The Trees. The mural project in Portland, Oregon saw Blaine Fontana (work pictured above), Erik Otto, Kamea Hadar, Gage Hamiliton, J. Shea, Marcelo Macedo, MADSTEEZ, Michael Salter, MHAK, MEGGS, Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter, Sam Rodriguez, Rone, Taka Sudo, Yoskay Yamamoto, Zach Yarrington and Jun Inoue all participate in the city-wide project to bring art to previously bare walls. Although it has one of most vibrant artist communities in the United States, Portland doesn’t have a […]

Preview: “Buddy System Invitational” @ Breeze Block Gallery

On September 5th, the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland will be opening a group exhibition (curated by Sven Davis) with an interesting premise. Each of the 22 invited international artists were asked to bring along a fellow artist to exhibit alongside them – each producing one 16 x 20″ & one 8 x 8″ artwork. Of course, what we will be looking forward to is also to see how the show will be installed but check out some preview images below (and one of Scott Listfield’s […]

Openings: Mario Wagner – “Controlled Spaces” @ Breeze Block Gallery

Last month, the Breeze Block Gallery hosted new work from the Bay Area-based Mario Wagner collectively entitled Controlled Spaces. Filling the main space of the Portland Gallery, the new mixed media pieces feature Wagner’s structural landscapes that have a kind of sci-fi and cinematic feel to them, all utilizing a minimalistic palette. From UFO’s, otherworldly imagery, to hooded characters, the work really makes the viewer’s imagination run wild trying to imagine the back stories to the scenarios that are presented. Enjoy the photos below and also take a look […]

Opening: Carl Cashman – ‘Every Time I Close My Eyes, All I See Is This’ @ Breeze Block Gallery

British painter Carl Cashman opened his debut solo show Every Time I close My Eyes, All I See Is This at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland, OR (previewed) on August 1st. The show was a massive success for the young artist, and out of 42 pieces he prepared for this show, only one is left unsold at the moment of writing this article. His strongest body of work so far was obviously working well with a much wider audience besides local art lovers, because  the day after the opening only 7 […]

Openings: Kevin Earl Taylor – “Monument Adrift” @ Breeze Block Gallery

Earlier this month, the Breeze Block Gallery played host to a new show from Kevin Earl Taylor entitled Monument Adrift. The exhibition feature his landscapes that include various creatures which are almost treated architecturally in some instances, placed on pedestals, incorporated into decaying structures, or portrayed as building blocks. Take a look at more photos from the opening below as well as a studio visit we conducted leading up to the show… Photos via the gallery. Discuss Kevin Earl Taylor here. Discuss this show here.