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Basel Week Miami ’13: Miami Project

The Miami Project successfully launched its second rendition during Basel week with a well-curated selection of U.S. galleries, including such notable names as Yossi Milo, Joshua Liner, Mark Moore, Richard Heller and David B. Smith. Located in the Wynwood Arts District, the young art fair focused on primary representation of emerging and mid-career artists, which was a nice counterpoint to its much larger neighbor, Art Miami. Overall, Miami Project was well-attended, and both galleries and collectors seemed very enthusiastic about the showing. Below is a […]

Previews: “Summer Mixer” @ Joshua Liner

Tonight, New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery is changing it up with a group show that pulls in another direction. Entitled Summer Mixer, this exhibition draws together eight different artists from around the globe to make their debut with the gallery. Artists include Neil Ayling, William Bradley, Ann Toebbe, Mark Fox, Nicola Lopez, Wayne White, Eric Cahan and Rebecca Shenfeld. Check out a sneak peek below.

Openings: “Space//Form” @ Breeze Block Gallery (Part 2)

Following directly on from Part 1 of our coverage of the busy Space//Form opening, AM now delves a little deeper pictorially into the artwork created for this huge group exhibition of 110 artists with a series of pictures where the art is more viewable (like the Mark Dean Veca installation above). To recap, all of the participating artists were given an identical 10×10 inch cradled timber panel by exhibition sponsor Ampersand as the medium to work on. The exhibition curator, Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis chose a brief […]

Preview: “Space//Form” Group Exhibition @ Breeze Block Gallery

As the opening of the Space//Form group exhibition draws ever nearer, and following on from our studio view, AM brings you a glimpse of some of the work in this huge show. Over 100 artists are participating in the exhibit, which opens on 6th September at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland. The artists were each given the same brief and the same materials to work with and asked to explore and represent their interpretation of space and form within either the natural or built environment. Each piece of […]

Update: Space//Form Group Exhibition @ Breeze Block Gallery

One of the most interesting things about curating a group exhibition of over 100 artists is getting to see behind the scenes as the artists develop their work for the show (Chloe Early seen above). Updates come constantly as the participants share their excitement about creating work for the show, and getting to see  some of the creative process that goes into the work is always a pleasure. Space//Form opens in just a couple of weeks time now in Portland at Breeze Block Gallery and here […]

Upcoming: “Space//Form” @ Breeze Block Gallery

Following our recently curated group exhibitions in Hong Kong; East West Connect and Los Angeles; City of Fire, AM’s UK correspondent Sven Davis has branched out with his own curatorial endeavour Space//Form. The group exhibition brings together over 100 young contemporary artists, and opens 6th September at Portland’s Breeze Block Gallery. Curator, Sven Davis, has worked in architecture for over 20 years, so the thematic center of the exhibition is close to his heart as Space//Form centers around notions of the architectural landscape. Each of the […]

Openings: “Wild At Heart” @ Thinkspace

A couple Saturdays ago, the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City hosted the opening for Wild at Heart, a benefit show where some of the proceeds went towards Born Free USA. The group exhibition featured artists and their choice of endangered species to paint or work with leading to some great pieces being created. Co-curated by Amanda Erlanson and Andrew Hosner, the impressive lineup included Wayne White, Andrew Hem, Aron Wiesenfeld, Dabs Myla, Martin Wittfooth, Amy Sol, Aryz, Chet Zar, Esao Andrews, Frank Gonzales, Mary Iverson, Amy […]

Showing: Wayne White – “I Fell 37 miles to Earth 100 Years Ago” @ Marty Walker Gallery

Sometimes, we come across an artist that is making work so fresh and exciting that it completely stops us in our tracks. This is no mean feat when the setting is Basel week. The sheer scale of the event is a bombardment of the senses and after a while you start to forget what you saw where. Not so with Wayne White’s work though. His unforgettable landscape and textural compositions inspired us and proved to be one of the most enjoyable viewing pleasures of the […]

Preview: Wayne White – “I Fell 37 Miles to Earth 100 Years Ago” @ Marty Walker Gallery

One of the highlights of our visit to Basel week in Miami last year was seeing Los Angeles artist Wayne White’s work displayed at Mireille Mosler’s booth at the Nada Art Fair. AM has since been looking forward to a showing of Wayne White’s work, and that time has now come in the shape of his solo exhibition “I Fell 37 Miles to Earth 100 Years Age” at the Marty Walker Gallery opening this Saturday in Dallas, Texas. For those not familiar with Wayne’s work, […]