July was a very busy month with numerous headlines making their way around the world of art. Here is another edition of Second Helpings to remind you of the juicy stories that we covered here on AM. Get served after the jump.

Sleepboy recommends:

Clayton Brothers (Christian and Rob)

Clayton Brothers (Christian and Rob)

1) Clayton Brothers – “Jumbo Fruit” @ Patrick Painter

Rocking LA with their major show in the area since 2003, the Clayton Brothers showed us why they are so respected in the industry and why so many artists we follow cite them as major influences. Check out all our coverage as well as a look into their studio.

2) Todd Schorr – “American Surreal” @ San Jose Museum of Art

We were there for the opening of Todd Schorr’s first retrospective museum show at the San Jose Museum of Art and were awed to see so many of his works together in one place. Doing record numbers for the exhibition definitely shows that even in these economic times, people will pay to see good art. Hopefully, we continue to see more and more museums & institutions giving love to artists in this genre in the future.

3) Stella Im Hultberg – “Memento Mori” @ Thinkspace

Just an all around great show from Stella as she demonstrated her skills with all types of mediums while maintaining her signature style. As if painting on wood, paper, canvas, wood “sculptures” were not enough, she also pulled off an epic mural in the front of the gallery that we cringe at thinking will be painted over at the end of the show.  Speaking of which, you better head over there to check it out – you have a week.

Stephen recommends:

1) Art Focus: Dash Snow (1981-2009)

A young life tragically cut short, we took a closer look at the budding artist behind the rebellious bad-boy persona of Dash Snow. Through his photographs and art, Dash opened a window and presented a revealing look at life through his eyes.

2) Interview: Elbow-Toe Hits Up Streets of London

From intelligent street pieces that call for a moment of reflection to flat out “laugh out loud” pieces with awesome placement, Elbow-Toe’s work never ceases to cause us to react. We enjoyed finding out about his creative process and the inspiration behind his work.

3) Openings: EINE – “The A – Z of Change” @ Carmichael Gallery

We thoroughly enjoyed Eine’s debut Los Angeles solo show. It was a refreshing to see that Eine created a fine art gallery-quality body of work for the show instead of simply bringing his street work indoors. Amazingly refreshing.

Juggernut3 recommends:

1) Openings: Jeff Koons – “Popeye Series” @ Serpentine Gallery

AM took a special trip out to the UK to capture this amazing exhibition of Jeff Koons’ at the  Serpentine Gallery. The UK audience were entertained by Jeff’s intricate steel replications of many of their childhood toys and inflatables.

2) Wrap Up: Os Gemeos Mural

From beginning to end, the process took a little more than 10 days, but Os Gemeos did not fail to entertain and demonstrate why they were chosen to design a mural to replace the old Keith Haring memorial. Onlookers were welcomed and even sketched for by twins from Brazil, and we count ourselves as being fortunate to have been there for the whole thing.

3) Openings: Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG x Nike Stages Exhibition @ Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin

An “A-Team” of artists stepped up to help Lance and Nike celebrate the fight against cancer. With a vertiable who’s who of artists creating specialized themed work and bicycles to show at  Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, it was no surprise that this was one of our picks for you to check out.