Burning Candy Opening @ Tony's

Last week, AM went along to the opening night at Tony’s, London, to grab some pics and get a feel of East London’s Burning Candy exhibition A Fist full of Paint.  Knowing the exterior had been brilliantly tagged with a paint filled fire extinguisher, it was good to see the interior had been done in the same style. The floor and the walls had all been touched by the western style showdown paint fight that had taken place. This was recreated throughout the night by video, alongside screening of unseen footage from their DOTS film. Tony really has given over his gallery space and let these guys do exactly what they want.

With just five remaining members of the partially disbanded crew exhibiting, Rowdy (interviewed), Mighty Mo, Dscreet, James Jessop, and LLB, this show still held the vibrant energy that can be seen clearly around the streets of London.

Check out the photos after the jump…