Gagosian pulled out all the stops at this years’ Armory show. And by “all the stops” we mean a small handful of modest-sized works by Andy Warhol (at a combined value of around 20 million dollars) and one gigantic 33′ x 7′ camouflage piece produced by Warhol in the latter part of 1986.

There has been quite a buzz about this superbooth, but it’s only fair to put this wallpaperfest into the proper perspective. It was definitely a power-house art cluster with auction busting works from years past. That said, it debatably was not the most visually impressive cluster of Warhol works ever seen. Regardless, the everyday art enthusiasts paused and gawked at this super-flat camouflage panoramic repeat, while the true wonders of the Armory Show were revolving around them.

1 warhol amory gagosian
2 warhol amory gagosian
Armory art fair 2013 AM 45
5 warhol amory gagosian
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7 warhol amory gagosian