A few weeks back, AM had a chance to visit with painter Jocelyn Duke in her Los Angeles studio. Coming off of back to back shows in Portland, Oregon (solo titled Brain Candy at the Sum Gallery and a group exhibition titled Wider than a Postcard at the Breeze Block Gallery), she was busy catching up on commissions and enjoying some time back home in the studio. She describes her work as Pop Organic Geometry, or POG for short. Jocelyn explains that her collective body of work consists of repetition of patterns, bold colors, vibrant imagery & shapes, organic mathematics – and that such abstract conceptual work merges two (or more) opposite sides, often morphing before one’s very senses. Her pieces are created, performed or specifically designed to challenge the viewer’s structural response to itself: reality vs. imagination, logic vs. paradox and object vs. subject.

The images below include some of Jocelyn’s older work, newer work, work in progress and things that she keeps in the studio for inspiration.