Jonas Lund is a young Swedish artist whose work is balancing between social experiments and the classic art process. The artworks he creates, such as paintings, sculpture, photography and websites, often incorporate data from his studies of art world trends and behavior. In such manner, he is currently working on an interesting project titled Studio Practice that will open at Boetzelaer|Nispen in Amsterdam, on the 6th of September.

For this unique project, the artist prepared a 300 page book with guidelines about what he wants to be created by four assistants. Lund has transformed the gallery into an art production line in which assistants will work full time, creating the artwork. Simultaneously, the work will be reviewed online by an advisory board consisting of artists, art advisors, gallerists and collectors. This board includes important names such as Simon De Pury, Dr. Michaela De Pury, Carl Kostyal, Florian Cramer, etc. Once completed, the works will be either destroyed or signed, based on the comments and suggestions of the advisory board members. The final pieces will then be exhibited as original artworks by the Lund. The entire process is fully transparent and can be followed through the website, giving the audience a rare chance to see what’s happening behind the walls of art studios or galleries. By exposing this system so openly, and creating sort of a reality web show around it, Lund is questioning such practices in the contemporary art world, but also including this part of the process as an essential part of the show.