We recently received these exclusive shots of Pejac working on an indoor mural in London. Titled Entelequia (entelechy), this beautiful symbolic piece was commissioned by the Sushisamba restaurant for their Heron Tower private entrance.

the new image mixes elements of his previous work – cherry blossom flowers from his recent image and sold out print release Sepukku (covered), with a girl on a swing, one of the images he used to paint on windows. The finished large piece features a girl sitting on a swing that is tied to itself, with beautiful blooming sakura flowers. This new work is a visualization of the philosophic term entelechy, which stands for “vital principle that guides the development and functioning of an organism.” In this case, it’s an ode to solitude, showing it’s beauty and serenity and represents the endless possibilities of the creative mind. After finishing this work, the Spanish artist is heading back to his studio to work on a new print release that is scheduled for early December.

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