After over a year of preparing, Tauba Auerbach and her team launched Diagonal Press on the 26th of December. The idea of this project is top create and offer DIY publications and products – hand-bound, hand-stamped and assembled in the studio, in open editions and at affordable prices. The art created through this platform affordable to the wider audience, and meant to be enjoyed in the real world instead of stored in the art collections with their value defined by what one gets out of owning it rather than from reselling it.

The production and sale of the products is meant to support exhibitions and other projects, while the creative process exploits “the physical possibilities of accessible consumer-level binding and printing processes such as comb binding, coil binding, photocopying and rubber stamping, and to use these technologies in new ways.” The first line of products offered include hand-bound books, diecast zinc alloy and soft enamel jewelry and “type specimen” screenprinted posters showing fonts designed by Auerbach.

Photo credit: Diagonal Press 2014.
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