On the 28th of May, Kan and Gris1, members of the infamous Da Mental Vaporz crew from France, will be presenting a two man show titled Humanity. Opening at Atelier des Bains in Geneva, Switzerland, the show will include all new works by both artists, focused on the subject of violence and humanity.

From early childhood through our lives, people are used to violence being portrayed as acceptable or at least necessary behaviour. Through video games, news reports, and popular entertainment, the idea of violence is taking over over positive values and oddly enough, creating our humanity. By putting these two terms in contrast, French artists are questioning today’s society and what we see and accept as the norm – Kan with his signature dotted images painted with thick markers, and Gris1 with a mixture of styles and techniques he is using as a collage for creating his works. Each of the artists created five canvases for this show, plus one collaborative piece, and will also paint a wall inside the gallery for this event.

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Photo credit Terez (Gris1) & Nicolas Gzeley (Kan).