Marking the upcoming Main Street exhibition at the Mohammed VI Museum (MMVI) of modern and contemporary art in Rabat, Morocco, Print Them All just announced the release of a limited edition by DALeast (interviewed). As one of the participants of this big expo, the Chinese artist recently spent a couple of days at Idem Studio in Paris, producing his first fine art lithograph.

The edition is based on a painting from his last NYC show The Laten Photon (covered) at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Produced as a 10-color lithograph, this is the first time the printing studio has printed on a Japanese paper. Showing a gazelle in the deadly grasp of a lioness, the image shows the uncertainty and beauty of life. In order to accent the intensity of the situation, the rest of the piece morphs into a roaring wave with a boat in it. According to the artist himself, this will be his best prints to date:

“egariM is my first lithograph, depicting one of the latest scene from my work, which catches an instant of the shifting moment. The performers standing in the realm of impermanence. By looking at each individual character, one can catch the emotions such as hope and fear for their existence. This is also causing the mirage on the story – a cargo ship capsizing in the wave. If we observe this very moment by seeing the whole picture, we may detect the illusion built up by those lines and particles is only created from one character, who is holding the sentiments inside ones mind. Through working with Print Them All and the Idem Paris, I am honored and humbled to have this great opportunity transforming this original piece into lithograph. I deem this is one of the best prints that I have made so far.”

The 57.5 x 94 cm print will be available on Thursday, 7th of May at 2pm GMT via, in edition of 60 pieces signed, stamped and numbered by the artist.