Alice Gallery in Brussels recently opened Salut, the first Belgium solo show by artist, designer, and illustrator, Parra. The show features a new body of work that includes drawings, paintings, and a large sculpture titled Give Up.

With the fresh collection of works, Parra has gone back to mixing his signature lettering along with recognizable female figures. Curvaceous and naked, these blue ladies with beak faces are engaged in bizarre, often sexual activities. With lots of flat humor and double meanings, the Dutch artist’s imagery is both harmonious and beautiful as well as naughty and funny. This feel is noticeable on almost every single piece in the show, which is emphasized through a limited color palette, simple and effective composition, and a high contrast between the crisp black line work and bright solid fill ins. Through some of the works exhibited, he introduces some of his side projects such as Tired Skateboards, which he started not that long ago with his long time friend and skateboarding legend, Brad Staba. Along with original artworks, Parra also released a limited edition riso print that is available through the gallery.

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