If you’ve been following our visit to the UK to experience Banksy’s theme park Dismaland in the UK, you probably think you’ve see it all. But what’s a true to form artistic replica of Disney’s magic kingdom if it doesn’t work at night? Besides isn’t that when the magic is suppose to truly happen? Well, we stuck around to catch the “Bemusement Park” transform during the August 21st evening VIP session.

Disappoint it did not as Banksy and company hit their mark to build a corporate playland, complete with a full drumming band, full fireworks at Cinderella’s castle, dazzling and confusing games of chance & skill for those thirsting to take home prizes of gold chains & bags of gold fish. Everywhere we looked, it seemed attendees were amazed and delighted to try and cram as much action into their fun filled tour of the mysterious artist’s twisted vision of how a ammusement park should be. Of course, for those lucky visitors that made the trip out, they got rewarded with the opportunity to literally participate in Banksy’s Oscar nominated “Exit Through The Gift Shop” (featured) with a surprise souvenir station with legitimate merchandise from the masked gorilla himself. Check out at look at the insanity below.

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