After big mural festivals taking over most of the major cities around the world, we’re witnessing a trend of similar projects being organized in more exotic, even remote places. The latest one of those was held during the pre-holidays week of December 11-21, in Nagua, Dominican Republic.

The Artesano Project is an international public arts initiative that recently hosted around 30 local and international artists for their second annual event. Hosted by Dominican born artist Evoca1 and curated by INOPERAbLE, the event aims to help with cultural development, inspire young artists, and give recognition to the Dominican Republic in the world of urban arts and muralism. With over 60 walls painted during the week, including some very unique collaborations between artists (such as the Axel Void x Sebas Velasco x Evoca1 piece in the header), the organizers are well on their way to achieving their goals. This year’s artist roster included other names like as Andrew Hem, Bikismo, Frau Isa, Gaia, Inti, Pixelpancho, Tatiana Suarez, and more.

Photo credit: Tost Films.