On the 4th of February, Moosey Art Gallery will be opening Sun Shines Out Of My Arts, a new solo show by Carl Cashman. After successfully showing his neometry work in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Miami, Amsterdam, Bergen, and more, the Devon-based artist will presents a new body of work in Norwich, UK.

Known for his abstract geometric imagery and usage of neon & UV reactive paints on wood panels, his latest work include interventions on thrift shop paintings as well as works on found objects and re-purposed surfaces. Continuing his series of recreated symbols and logos with a simple use of horizontal and vertical lines, the new exhibition includes a group of pieces playing with some of the most iconic insignia of our time. Mixing some of these tested concepts along with new approaches and ideas, as well as reshaping some of his familiar patterns and shapes, Cashman has produced another hypnotic body of work using the idea of illusion and tricking the eye.

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