Fresh from his pop up show Mixité Sociale (covered) in France, prolific artist Gris1 from the DMV crew returns to Zurich for his second solo show entitled Interview at Kolly Gallery. Through his paintings, he gives the viewers insights into his mind and his inspirations, like responding to an interview through his artworks.

Gris1 pays tribute to pop art icons with Lichtenstein, Warhol, and graffiti king Keith Haring using an exquisite corpse style. In many of the paintings, the graffiti playground is referenced, from trains, shutters, walls, spray cans to stickers. A self portrait and his signature happy smiley faces with post it notes and doodles reveal some of his daily thoughts, but most importantly – the fun in life. In parallel, the French artist created a playful installation with a lawn mower that went crazy and painted colourful patterns from the floor to the walls and paintings.

The Interview show is colourful, joyful, playful and fun. Not to be missed and on view until the 28th of May.

Photos via Kolly Gallery.