For the last several years, Huskmitnavn (featured) has devoted time to creating and sharing his witty drawings on paper. Recently, he collected some of the personal favorites into a new book titled Papirarbejde (Paperworks).

Between working on paintings, murals, illustrating, and the occasional graffiti adventure, the Copenhagen-based artist has spent the last few years creating little paper works almost daily. Often folding, bending, and tearing the surface in order to achieve the desired outcome, the idea is to get the strongest possible effect with the minimal possible intervention. These ink on paper pieces challenge both the Danish artist as a creative and the paper as a material, making these humorous and thoughtful reflections on life three-dimensional. Thanks to social media, a few of these little jewels became viral so the idea of a book was the next logical step.

The result is this exclusive collection on 160 pages with no text, just drawings made over the last year or so. Measuring 25 x 25 x 1.8 cm, the hardcover book was released through Gyldendals Forlag and is internationally available via Charlotte Fogh Gallery.

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