On the 15th of September, Galería Javier López & Fer Francés opened a new show by Todd James entitled We Are One. For his third show in six years with the Madrid gallery, the NYC-based artist painted a new body of work that reflect his views of the times we live in.

The title of the show is the American artist’s sarcastic commentary about the current state of the world – while the majority of people support peace, unity and tolerance, the world is full of terrorism, wars, injustice and wrongdoing. Everything from popular culture to global politics is twisted upside down, and James’ works show this through his flat & colorful images. Stepping closer to abstraction, the new pieces are even looser in representation and richer in narrative & detail. The show includes some 10 large canvases, one large piece on paper, and two smaller studies on paper and will stay on view until November 2nd.

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