With Basel Week Miami fast approaching, it’s time to start turning our attention towards giving you a preview of the festivities for this year. One place you must visit while in town is the the Juxtapoz Clubhouse (2400 NW 5th Street), an artist retreat and exhibition space put on in conjunction with Mana Urban Arts Project in Miami’s Wynwood District. One of the group exhibitions to see inside will be Jonathan LeVine Gallery’s A Conversation Between Friends featuring Adam Wallacavage, Alex Gross, Andrew Hem, Andy Kehoe, Ben Tolman, Brett Amory, Dan Witz, Dennis McNett, Dylan Egon, Eloy Morales, Erik Jones, Gary Taxali, Glenn Barr, Handiedan, Haroshi, Hush, Ian Francis, James Bullough, Jamie Adams, Jeremy Geddes (seen above), Joel Rea, Juan Francisco Casas, Ludo, Martin Wittfooth, Masakatsu Sashie, Rostarr, Shepard Fairey, Tara McPherson and Tristan Eaton.