Urban Nation in Berlin recently teamed up with Juxtapoz Magazine, and its editor Evan Pricco, to curate their latest edition of PM/events. What In the World: The Juxtapoz Edition is the title of the group show that opened on May 19th, further introducing the wide range of urban art that this upcoming museum will be showing and supporting.

The idea of this vibrant exhibition was to present the non-existence of boundaries in this lively art movement, through work by mostly Europe-based artists. Not defined as graffiti, street art, or urban art, this showcase features creations by artists that do cover all of those terms, showing just how non-definable their work is. Including both a series of public murals painted in the neighborhood and the building itself, as well as an indoor exhibition/installation, the show will stay on view through June. From a poetic wall painting by Hyuro on the outside, to Daan Botlek‘s colorful compositions, to Serge Lowrider‘s Berlin cityscape-based mural, to Jeroen Erosie‘s abstract structure, to Ekta‘s fabric pieces, to Ermsy‘s trippy creations made of cartoon and comic characters, to Zio Ziegler‘s unmistakable freehand mural, the show aims to showcase the kind of work that can be found in their publication – a wicked “mixture of disciplines, styles, backgrounds, that create the current contemporary art landscape.”

Photo credit by Ian Cox.