Galerie Le Feuvre in Paris recently extended the planned duration of the solo by Ella & Pitr as well as changed most of the works in the show, displaying some unseen pieces in the last few weeks of the exhibition. Au jour le jour pour toujours”(From day to day, forever) consists of a brand new work that the art couple produced in eight month of work and is titled after their personal maxim.

This new show marks a slight step away from what the prolific art duo are known for – their giants painted all over the world from Chicago, Montreal, Beijing, La Défense, the grass of the Stadium Geoffroy Guichard in Saint-Etienne, Ostend, La Réunion, to 21 000 square meters Lilith and Olaf on the roof of the Klepp factory outside Stavanger in Norway (covered). Using new textures, patterns, and techniques, the new pieces seem much more mature and serious, while keeping their signature playful spirit and poetic tone. Starring familiar characters that often represent the two, the new settings and concepts are continuations of their constant exploration of techniques, their creative spirit and ways to express themselves. More obviously flirting with realistic elements, their work is still having that free spirit of cartoons, where relations, perspectives and scales are open for interpretation. The show will officially close this Saturday, June 24th, after being on view since May 10th.

Photo credit: @SashaBogojev.
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