On June 9th, a massive group show will open at Antler Gallery in Portland entitled LAX/PDX. The exhibition is the 13th iteration of an effective way Thinkspace shares their roster of artists around the world by curating exhibitions for their friends at different galleries. You can see a full list of the artists below and some preview images but a few things that caught our eyes included another shark from Josh Keyes (seen above), a timely piece from OakOakMatthew Grabelsky taking his animals off the subway, Mark Dean Veca working with negative space, and Leon Keer’s illusionary work making it to gallery walls.

Other participants include: ABCNT, Abigail Goldman, Alex Yanes, Alexandra Manukyan, Allison Sommers, Amy Sol, Anthony Clarkson, Anthony Solano, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Brian Mashburn, Brian Viveros, Brooks Salzwedel, Buff Monster, Candice Tripp, Carl Cashman, Carly Ealey, Christopher Konecki, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Dan Witz, Daniel Bilodeau, David Cooley, David Rice, Drew Merritt, Edith Lebeau, Eelus, EINE, Ellen Rutt, Erik Siador, Ermsy, Evoca, Fanakapan, Kelogsloops, Hueman, Isaac Cordal, Jana & JS, Jaune,  Josie Morway, Kaili Smith, Kari-Lise Alexander, Kathy Ager, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Flewellyn, Kevin Peterson, Lauren YS, Marco Mazzoni, Marie Claude Marquis, Mary Iverson, Meggs, Molly Gruninger, Mwanel Pierre-Louis, Nosego, PichiAvo, Ricky Watts, Rosa de Jong, Royyal Dog, Sam Yong, Saner, Scott Radke, Sean Chao, Sean Mahan, Sergio Garcia, Seth Armstrong, Sheryo, Skewville, Slinkachu, So Youn Lee, Spenser Little, Stephanie Buer, Super A, Telmo Miel, Tiktoy, Timothy Karpinski, Tran Nguyen, Van Arno, and Yok.





Matthew Grabelsky


Mark Dean Veca


Kathy Ager


Brian Mashburn


Candice Tripp


Sean Mahan


Leon Keer


Kevin Peterson