Nicolas Romero, also known by his alias Ever/Siempre, currently has a solo show on view at The Diogenes Club in LA. The space for experimental art projects in Los Angeles’ Frog Town neighborhood is hosting his latest series of works titled Empathy/a.

Continuing projects with a strong conceptual note, the exhibition addresses the relationships we have with objects, a subject that the Argentinian artist has been touching on of late. The works represent allegorical presentations of our feelings through objects that reveal these internal aspects of individuals. Starting with himself, Romero portrayed some of his most important personal connections, such as the bond with his mother, but also the very abstract ones, such as his relationship with the Internet. The artist’s idea is to invite the observer to see himself in the artist’s position and then determine for themselves what empathy is about. This is done through some of the latest examples of his contemporary still life compositions, works that focus on the symbolic relationship with modern day objects and their contradictions with religion, as well as “broken canvases” concepts introduced earlier this year at Fundación ICBC in Buenos Aires.