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Openings: How & Nosm – “Achtung!” and Daze – “The Grey Scale” @ Known Gallery

Over the weekend, the Known Gallery unveiled the latest exhibit from New York based graffiti artists How & Nosm. Titled Achtung!, the show filled the gallery space to capacity as art aficionados were presented with more than 15 large scale paintings, more than 100 sketches & stencils, and a sculpture that sits in the middle of the gallery floor. The twins had arrived in Los Angeles last week and used the extra time to paint a large scale mural, but that project was simply a […]

Streets: Ron English – Barracuda Wall (Los Angeles)

Just a few hours before his latest show at Post No Bills gallery (covered), Ron English (featured) took the time to adorned the fame Barracuda wall with his signature style. The wall which sits near the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax features four different images which touch upon the satirical aspect of English’s artwork. It also features a variety of pasters which are now showing up all across the city of Los Angeles. More photos after the jump…

Seventh Letter Crew for MBW Building Project

Last weekend, Mr. Brainwash invited the Seventh Letter Crew over in order to kick off his largest Los Angeles exhibition to date. Beginning on October 9th, the building that sits near the La Brea and Santa Monica will open it’s doors to artists around the globe and will offer over 80,000 square feet of blank walls and concrete. The long talked about project had been circling around for months without any sense of progress but clearly things are now moving forward. The staircase that sits […]

Openings: Ron English – “English 101” @ Post No Bills

On Thursday night, AM attended Ron English’s (featured) latest exhibit entitled English 101 at the Post No Bills Gallery. The exhibit featured limited edition prints, hand finished multiples, toys and other artwork that displayed the artist’s unique design and sense of humor. The place was filled from the start and crowds of people were lined up to meet the artist who also took the time to sign his artwork. Overall, the art on display featured an interesting mixture of various styles that English has utilized over […]

Preview: Ron English – “English 101” @ Post No Bills

Later tonight, October 6th, Ron English (featured) and the Post No Bills Gallery will unleash the artist’s next show entitled English 101. The exhibition will feature a large collection of limited-edition prints and other artwork which will surely please his fans and art aficionados who may not be familiar with his artwork. As always, English will present work which touches upon his pop culture sensibilities and point out the ironies that one sees in modern advertising, politics and current society. Here’s a sneak peek of […]

Streets: How & Nosm (Los Angeles)

The Spanish-born twins How & Nosm arrived in Los Angeles nearly 2 weeks before their next solo show entitled Achtung!, which opens on October 15th at the Known Gallery. This time around, they are painting what may be one of their biggest murals up to date. As part of the L.A. Freewalls project, the mural can be seen from quite a distance, and is attracting large crowds of people who can’t help but notice the three color palette heavily utilized by the prolific duo. The […]

Streets: Cyrcle. (Los Angeles)

Last week, the artist collective known as Cyrcle. (featured) painted a mural in the midst of Culver City, California. Keeping the same theme of We Never Die, which was highlighted during their solo show a couple months ago, the group showed that they can smoothly move from the gallery space to the streets and back. The entire mural was a week long process but the results were of interest to anyone who drove by the building complex. The mural project spearheaded by Branded Arts which […]

Openings: Daniel Askill – “Three Rituals” @ PRISM

Last week, Daniel Askill debuted his Los Angeles exhibition over at the Prism gallery, showing alongside David LaChapelle (covered). Entitled Three Rituals, the body or work centered around a variety of photographs and video installations that explore the thematic elements of vast empty spaces and how they relate and contrast with the lone individual. Featuring photos that carried a great sense of composition, the viewer was presented with what may have seen a simplistic approach. However, on closer inspection, this simplicity is what gives the […]

Studio Visit: Tim Biskup – “Former State” @ THIS Gallery

Last time we ran into artist extraordinaire Tim Biskup, it was during the Heroes & Villains book signing (c0vered). However, this time around, AM was fortunate enough to visit his studio and get an in-depth look into his creative space and the hard work that’s been taking place in preparation for his next show. Entitled Former State, the new collection of paintings & sculptures will be presented October 14th at THIS Gallery in Los Angeles. The paintings will utilize the polygonal style he has mastered […]

Streets: Dave Kinsey @ The Standard (Los Angeles)

Dave Kinsey, designer and fine artist, arrived in Los Angeles this week and created his latest work of art on the walls of the Standard Hotel, the same location painted in the past by Eric Haze (covered) if you remember. For his mural, Kinsey mainly used black and white, which can be seen driving down the streets of Downtown L.A. The artist had been hard at work beginning on Monday and his latest effort is simply a precursor of things to come as he will […]