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Openings: “Reality Bites” @ Post No Bills

Last week, Post No Bills held their third exhibition thus far entitled Reality Bites. The show centered around the work of various artists including Borf, Brett Amory, Sage Vaughn, Kelsey Brookes, Mark Jenkins, Morley, and Ravi Zupa who supplied new limited edition prints as well as hand finished multiples. Among some of the night’s highlights, Shark (seen previously here) by Brookes was one which clearly got the attention of the visitors. Featuring the use of neon-colored lines and an array of colors, the piece was […]

Openings: Greg Lamarche – “I Can See For Miles” @ Known Gallery

Last weekend, in addition to Haze’s work, the Known Gallery also featured the work of another New York-based artist – Greg Lamarche (interviewed). Entitled I Can See For Miles, the exhibition included eleven pieces in total highlighting the artist’s signature lettering and collage-like design. Also tying his graffiti roots to the gallery space, he painted one of the walls with black lettering that certainly helped remind the visitor where he came from. More photos after the jump…

Openings: “Three Kings” @ Subliminal Projects

Over the weekend, Subliminal Projects brought in a power trio of graffiti legends in their show titled Three Kings. Featuring the work of Fab 5 Freddy, Futura 2000 and Lee Quinones, the show brought in writers who each have a different and unique style. Having these personalities under one space brought in fans of the artwork as well as those who wanted to finally meet the street luminaries. The artwork covering the walls ranged from Fab 5’s old-school type lettering layered against images of trains […]

Openings: Eric Haze – “New Mathematics” @ Known Gallery

Over the weekend, the Known Gallery hosted the show entitled New Mathematics. Featuring the work of New York graffiti legend Eric Haze, the exhibition centered around a collection of artwork filled with geometric lines and patterns which give way to both abstract shapes and an aura of cubism. The show featured over 35 different paintings that were carefully detailed against a variety of black, white and gray canvases. Ranging in different sizes, each piece featured interesting and unique designs which can easily engulf the viewer. […]

Openings: Mark Whalen – “Anomaly” @ Merry Karnowsky

This past Saturday, Mark Whalen debuted his new work, entitled Anomaly, at the Merry Karnowksy Gallery.  The Australian and former graffiti artist showed work which combined an interesting style of characters, design, and colors. As seen during our previous studio and installation visits with the artist, one of the key components with his artwork is the way in which he’s able to fuse certain elements ranging from Eastern culture to themes of a controlled environment. As part of the exhibit, a video installation produced by […]

Openings: Moby – “Destroyed” @ Kopeikin Gallery

During this past weekend, the Kopeikin Gallery hosted a show which featured music artist and electronic pioneer Moby. The event was actually a book signing also that displayed a collection of the artist’s photography taken during his travels and concerts around the world. The book, titled Destroyed, is a companion piece to his most recent album of the same name and a portion of the photography included point of view shots taken during various concerts. It’s always interesting to see an artist take a different […]

Openings: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Picking Up Where We Left Off” @ LeBasse Projects – Culver City

This past Saturday, LeBasse Projects in Culver City debuted Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) new solo exhibition. Entitled Picking Up Where We Left Off, this most recent work by the L.A.-based artist continues to show a great sense of artistry that he’s been building upon during the last few years. Combining both paintings and sculptures, the work on display clearly shows the effort and detail-oriented approach that the artist took forth during the process leading up to his show. This time around, Yamamoto focused on both his Japanese […]

Openings: KAWS – “Hold The Line” @ Honor Fraser

Just several hours ago, the Honor Fraser gallery finally unveiled the latest works by New York-based artist KAWS. This show, Hold The Line, marks his second return to the gallery (see 2009) and the artwork on display was more than enough to warrant the attention and interest this show had been garnering ever since it was first announced. This current exhibition features a collection of approximately fifty circular works of art, or tondos (first seen at this year’s Armory). Each piece contains a different rendition […]

Openings: José Parlá – “Character Gestures” @ OHWOW

Last night, OHWOW gallery presented Jose Parla’s new body of work titled Character Gestures, which predictably drew much of the art community out in support and to take in a rare LA exhibition from the urban painter and calligraphist. In this collection, the Cuban-born artist explores various themes that deal with aspects of birth and rebirth but he does so in such an interesting way that invites the viewer to study and dissect the meanings behind each piece. For the most part, this work carries […]

Streets: Risk & Retna – Heal The Bay Charity Project (Santa Monica)

This morning, AM was invited for the unveil of a new collaborative piece between graffiti artists Risk and Retna (featured). In conjunction with the Heal the Bay charity, an environmental group working to keep the Santa Monica bay clean and free of pollution, the two prolific artists had been working on this project during the last two months under major secrecy. The process actually began 2 months ago when Risk began layering a multitude of wooden panels with a palette of different colors meant to […]