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Openings: NORM – “Always” with Steel, Trevelen, and Lani Lee

Over the weekend, Known Gallery unveiled new work by multi-talented artist NORM. With a background in both graffiti and the tattoo field, the artist exhibited a number of works which display his proficiency in both. The exhibit, titled Always, brought forth a large crowd which could not get enough of the artists’ style and technique. What’s interesting about the artwork is that although the roots of graffiti and tattoo culture are clearly embedded in the artwork, it somehow moves beyond that and in turn, gives […]

Openings: Andrew Hem – “Cold Water” @ LeBasse Projects – Culver City

This past weekend, Lebasse Projects in Culver City presented an exhibition by artist Andrew Hem (interviewed). Titled Cold Water, the show displayed the LA-based artist’s impressive aesthetic which utilizes oil and acrylic as a starting point. However, beyond these simple materials, the works on display, which ranged from character-based paintings to small wooden-like figurines, bring out a sense of story telling that makes the art an incredible sight. It’s interesting to point out that Hem’s artistic trajectory began with traditional graffiti. Yet, this exhibit clearly shows […]

Streets: RETNA @ West Hollywood Library Project (Part II)

Over the weekend, the West Hollywood Library in conjunction with MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibit took the first step in bringing three street art legends together to give the structure a well-needed and colorful facelift. One side of the wall will feature Kenny Scharf’s signature characters (more on that later), while on the opposite side of the structure RETNA (featured) continued to cover his wall with his well-known street letters. During the first day of the process, the MSK calligrapher was able to cover […]

Openings: “Zero to Sixty” @ Corey Helford Gallery

On Friday night, the Corey Helford Gallery celebrated its 5th anniversary by showcasing the artwork of more than 50 different artists from all across the world. With such an array of styles and talent, it may have seem like a difficult task to pull off, but the exhibit, titled Zero to Sixty, was nothing short of outstanding. Artists who were featured during the special celebration included the likes of Todd Schorr, Joe Sorren, Sas & Colin Christian, Ron English, Natalia Fabia, SHAG,  Greg Simkins, David […]

Openings: Faile – “A Decade of Prints & Originals” @ Post No Bills

This past Thursday night, Post No Bills unveiled an impressive collection of work detailing the artistic trajectory of the Brooklyn-based duo known as Faile (featured). Covering the major part of an entire decade, the exhibit featured a vast collection of limited edition prints (two specific for this show), originals, silkscreen on book covers, and other archived material which in fact had never been available to the public. No puzzle boxes as predicted, but there were some puzzle blocks that were added to the huge installation in […]

Streets: Faile (Los Angeles)

Faile (featured), the Brooklyn-based artist collective, have revealed new work on the streets just a few blocks away (Gjelina Restaurant) from the Post No Bills Gallery in Venice, California where they are exhibiting a collection of work detailing their artistic careers (show photos to follow). The wall was covered in the salon style that has been seen in some of their recent street work and also featured a sprinkling of co-conspirator Bast’s imagery. More photos after the jump…

Openings: “Assorted Flavor” @ Known Gallery

This past Saturday, the Known Gallery and gallery director Casey Zoltan, presented an exhibition titled Assorted Flavor which featured the eclectic work of seven different artists. The lineup included the likes of Kevin Ancell, Jason Jägel, Saber, Patrick Martinez, Greg Lamarche, Push and Augustine Kofie. Displayed across a wide open space perfectly suitable for this kind of exhibit, the artwork showed an interesting mix of graffiti-style art, mixed media work, and even some traditional painting. More commentary and opening photos after the jump…

Openings: Marco Zamora – “New Work” @ POVevolving Gallery

Over this past weekend, the POVevolving Gallery hosted Marco Zamora’s new artwork which continues to explore the artist’s fascination with the urban landscape. Featuring large scale paintings and a structure completely formed with cinder blocks, Zamora manages to explore what it means to live within the constructs of a city. For the visitor, it’s easy to take notice of the artist’s appreciation for this type of setting which is captured with rich monochrome shadows and bright pastel colors that streak across the paintings. However, further […]

Streets: David Flores (Los Angeles)

David Flores, a LA-based artist who’s known for a unique style that embellishes another work of art rather than painting over it, once again put his stamp on the city walls of Los Angeles. With the monthly event known as the Downtown Art Walk taking place this past Thursday, Flores debuted a large-wall piece that featured one of the most iconic Hollywood screen personas – James Dean. Using the image (taken by photographer Phil Stern) featured in the film Forever Young, Flores took an image […]

Openings: Glenn Barr – “Faces” @ La Luz de Jesus

Showing at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, Glenn Barr debuted his book, Faces, along with a multitude of new paintings that focus on the human expression. This new work clearly displays Barr’s background in animation, but it also features influences that range from late 1960s television to fantasy and science fiction motifs. Painted on lumber material, the paintings feature a variety of images which on one hand feature normal people in mundane settings and on the other, creatures which could come […]