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Kent Rogowski

Showing: Ten @ Jen Bekman Gallery

Gallerist and Internet art entrepreneur, Jen Bekman, celebrated the 10th anniversary of her gallery with a group show fittingly entitled Ten. For the show, the 20×200 creator assembled an impressive collection of artists who have shown or worked with the gallery over the past decade, including such notable names as Kent Rogowski, Tod Seelie, Alex Soth and Amy Stein. Hung salon-style and filling the intimate Lower East Side space, the works ranged from photography to painting to collage, and characterized Bekman’s style and diverse eye […]

Museums: El Anatsui – “Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works” @ Brooklyn Museum

On view at the Brooklyn Museum is Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works, a breath-taking solo exhibition by arguably Africa’s most celebrated contemporary artist, El Anatsui. Born in Ghana and currently working in Nigeria, Anatsui is best known for his vibrant large-scale sculptures made from common discarded materials. By folding thousands of foil liquor bottle tops in several distinct ways, arranging them and connecting them together into sheets, he is able to transform what once was garbage into beautiful works that appear to flow like textiles […]

Showing: Gert and Uwe Tobias “Untitled ’13” @ Team Gallery

New York’s Team Gallery recently launched a major new show by Romanian-born, Germany-based artists Gert and Uwe Tobias. For their third exhibition with Team, the twin brothers filled both of the gallery’s Soho locations with collaborative works of various mediums, all representing their unique modernism x folk art style. The Wooster Street space contained several of the Tobias’ large-scale woodblock prints for which they are best known, as well as a series of ceramic sculptures, whereas the Grand Street space was mostly filled with collages, […]

Armory Week ’13: Ryan Foerster @ Clearing

Most galleries at the Armory choose to show pieces from several of their represented artists. However, others go for an all-or-nothing approach by highlighting only one artist. Such was the case with Clearing, who hosted a solo booth of photographs by Brooklyn-based artist Ryan Foerster. And we were glad they did, as it gave us a chance to focus on the work of this very interesting artist. Typical of Foerster’s process, the unframed prints on display were weathered, some covered with dirt, and unceremoniously attached to […]

Openings: Mike Brodie – “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity” @ Yossi Milo

Last week, we saw the return of Mike Brodie to the art world, with the opening of his debut show with Yossi Milo, entitled A Period of Juvenile Prosperity. For those not familiar, Brodie is a self-taught photographer who literally rode the rails, jumping trains and traveling across the country starting in the early 2000’s. When a friend gave him a Polaroid camera, he began to document his life on the road and his fellow travelers, earning himself the nickname “The Polaroid Kidd.” After a […]

Showing: Shinique Smith – “Bold As Love”@ James Cohan

One of the best gallery shows we’ve seen lately is the current exhibition at James Cohan by Shinique Smith, entitled Bold As Love. Smith, who is known for her mixed medium sculptures and paintings, draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources, ranging from abstract expressionism to graffiti to Eastern religious mandalas. We were lucky enough to be at the gallery when Smith was discussing her show with a curator from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, where she will have a solo exhibition in 2014. […]
Mark Flood

Armory Week ’13: The Independent

One of the newer satellite fairs that takes place during Armory Week is The Independent. This fourth installment of the fair was dedicated to the NYC arts organizations most affected by hurricane Sandy, and among the 40 international galleries represented were booths by non-profits Printed Matter and The Kitchen. As with previous years, we found The Independent to be an excellent balance of edgy and engaging work by emerging and mid-career artists. In particular, Antwerp’s Office Barque’s booth caught our eye with works by Tamar […]

Openings: DZINE – “Victory” @ Dallas Contemporary

Chicago-based artist DZINE has recently opened another stunning museum exhibition, this time at the Dallas Contemporary. The show entitled Victory features an impressive selection of new pieces from all the medium’s DZINE is known for, including large-scale mandala paintings, tricked-out cars, ornate chandeliers and other installations. Together, the collection of works leads viewers to examine the human desires for success and recognition, through the lens of the artist’s Puerto Rican background. Victory is on view until March 31. Discuss Dzine here.

AM Holiday Art Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us again. And if you are like us at AM, you have once again waited until the last moment to start shopping for gifts for your friends and family. Well, if that’s the case, don’t worry. We’re here to help with a little guide of some great art prints and products mostly around $50-500 that will surely delight any art lover. And if you’re lucky, someone is reading this right now, looking for the right gift for you! The first […]

Openings: ESPO’s Creative Outlet

Last weekend, Steve Powers held an opening event for ESPO’s Creative Outlet, his new store located in downtown Brooklyn.  The shop features a wide selection of Powers’ artwork and ephemera, from books and catalogs to prints and paintings on metal. In addition, for the opening, Powers went way back into his archive to offer ESPO brand products from the Street Market era. Creative Outlet will be open regular hours on Thursday through Sunday for browsing and shopping. The rest of the week, the location will […]