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Setup: ROA – “Stop Over” @ Bodson-Emelinckx

Shots of opening night in Brussels for ROA’s newest solo show will soon follow, but here are some photos of the Belgium-based street artist prepping his installation and works for the exhibition. Entitled Stop Over, and held at the Bodson-Emelinckx Gallery, the new paintings and install should keep his hometown fans satisfied while they wait for the prolific animal anatomist to take to the streets. Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss ROA here.

Upcoming: ROA – “Stop Over” @ Bodson-Emelinckx

Tonight in Belgium, favorite son ROA will be opening a show at Bodson-Emelinckx in Brussels. Entitled Stop Over, this exhibition will finally give fans in his home country a look at his special anatomical style. As usual, the prolific street artist is keeping things close to the vest but here are a couple sneak peaks at what he is working on. Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss ROA here.

Streets: Roa & Ever (Buenos Aires)

The anatomical dissections of local animals and Chinese propaganda, two types of imagery that you wouldn’t think would work as a collaboration. However, that is exactly what happened when ROA and Ever joined forces in Argentina for a joint mural entitled The people feed communism to the beast. This piece, painted over the Christmas holiday, was placed on a squatted building in Palermo Viejo in Buenos Aires and features Mao head offered up to an elephant seal. Photo credit: Graffitimundo. Discuss ROA here.

Streets: World Roundup (Dec 31 – Jan 6)

We start this month’s survey of street art with this sweet new piece from El Mac painted on what looks to be the side of a train car. The LA-based artist painted the portrait as a tribute to his friend and gifted photographer Estevan Oriol. Coincidentally, we shared a portrait of photographer Martha Cooper with you painted by Os Gemeos only earlier today. Other worthy walls featured this week come from M-City – India, Mar – California, ROA – Argentina (source), Sokram – Spain (source), Waone […]

Streets: ROA (Australia)

While in Australia recently for his solo showing at Backwoods Gallery (covered), the Belgium-based ROA not surprisingly brought his special form of portraiture to the streets down under. Included in these new murals were pieces painted at the Healesville Sanctuary in Melbourne, a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to fighting wildlife extinction. As usual, ROA chose species that are native to the area to render like the platypus and wombat. Enjoy more photos and a video below… Photo credit: Echidna (Dean Sunshine), All others (Street Art Belgium). Discuss ROA here.

Openings: ROA – “Carrion” @ Backwoods Gallery

The Beligum-based ROA, who was recently featured on MOCAtv, has a new exhibition in Melbourne at the Backwoods Gallery entitled Carrion. Fans down under may remember his last showing in Oz in 2010 (covered), but this time the street artist took it up a notch with his installations. Along with his anatomical dissections of native species with his brushstrokes, the art was surrounded by tanks filled with decaying creatures and skeletal remains. Check out all the photos below… Photo credit: Chasing Ghosts. Discuss this show here. […]

Videos: ROA on MOCAtv

This week’s new video from MOCAtv in their Art In The Streets section comes from ROA and filmmaker Colin Day. Like most of the previous videos in the series (also see JR, Barry McGee, RETNA, and Swoon), there is ample footage of the artists in the streets as well as at times in the studio. This particular piece also features a monologue from the Belgium-based street muralist as he discusses the philosophy behind his art, how he chooses his subjects, as well as his last solo show in San […]

Upcoming: ROA – “Carrion” @ Backwoods Gallery

After his show in September in San Francisco (covered), street muralist and amateur zoologist ROA will be hitting up the other side of the globe with his latest solo exhibition. Held at the Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, with the opening scheduled for November 30th, Carrion will explore the friction between man, animal, civilization and nature through the Belgium-based artist’s signature anatomical and interactive style. Also available will be 25 copies of his limited edition book to coincide with the opening. Discuss ROA here.

Preview: “Urban Masters” (London)

On November 9th, the Opera Gallery and contributing AM writer and photographer Butterfly will be teaming up to curate a group exhibition in London. Held at Factory 7 (13 Hearn Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3LS), the artists – Bom.K, Blo, Brusk, Gris1, Jaw, Kan, Sowat, Lek, Roa, David Shillinglaw, Zezão (seen above), Sweet Toof, Blek Le Rat, Ron English, Mac1, Matt Small, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, El Mac, C215, Joe Black, Seen, Risk, Remi Rough, Sixeart, Zeus, Mentalgassi, Nick Gentry, The London Police, StinkFish, Rone, Banksy, Kid Zoom, […]

Streets: World Roundup (Oct 15 – Oct 21)

We lead off this week’s review of street art with a new mural from Roa in Puerto Rico. Painted for the Los Muros Hablan Festival, the Belgium-based muralist rendered a giant Iguana (an invasive pest there, chewing up plants and crops and burrowing under roads and dikes) holding a Coquí, a small frog endemic to the island. Other notable walls this week come courtesy of Augustine Kofie – Italy (source), Aryz – Peurto Rico (source), Case – Germany (source), Escif – Croatia & Spain, Gaia – Philadelphia, Sam3 […]