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Openings: Ryan McGinness – “Works on Paper” @ Country Club (Los Angeles)

Opening his Los Angeles spring marathon of exhibitions on Thursday night with Recent Paintings (covered), Ryan McGinness followed things up with Works on Paper (previewed) at Country Club’s local gallery space last night. The show chronicled new and old works on paper, all told exemplifying the notable New York artist’s diversity in composition, imagery, and palette achieved through his trademarked screenprinting methodology. With a host of exhibitions still to come in the ensuing weeks, these two bodies of work served as a welcome reminder to […]

Openings: Ryan McGinness – “Recent Paintings” @ Michael Kohn Gallery

Last night, deep in the heart of Los Angeles, marked the beginning of Ryan McGinness’ multi-show assault on the City of Angels. Separated into distinct body of works from his versatile arsenal, the first of seven exhibitions started at Michael Kohn Gallery with some of his signature iconographic work bursting with color and detail entitled simply Recent Paintings. If you love this particular aspect (last seen at Phillips de Pury) of the New York-based artist’s multifaceted work, you certainly do not want to miss this […]

Preview: Ryan McGinness – “Works on Paper” @ Country Club (LA)

Quickly following in the wake left by Recent Paintings (previewed), which opens this evening, the relentless stream of art events organized by Ryan McGinness for Los Angeles will continue without hesitation tomorrow night, this time spotlighting a series of works on paper. Hosted by Country Club LA, Works on Paper will see the screen-print guru present a collection of new and old pieces, collectively illustrating a subtler, more raw side to the production technique he has come to be renowned for. In conjunction with the […]

Preview: Ryan McGinness – “Recent Paintings” @ Michael Kohn Gallery

The Ryan McGinness extravaganza (teased) set to take Los Angeles by storm this month, which will see the artist bring his work in various forms to seven different venues, will be properly kicked off at the Michael Kohn Gallery. Opening tomorrow night, May 19th, the exhibition will mark the first solo effort by the New York contemporary heavy weight with the blue chip LA institution, presenting a brand new body of paintings to be complimented by a selection of classic works from a range of […]

Teaser: Ryan McGinness – “Redux” @ Subliminal Projects

One stop for Ryan McGinness while he is in Los Angeles for a slew of exhibitions and related events will be Subliminal Projects on June 11th. He’s creating a new body of work based on corporate logos and sponsorship entitled Sponsorship Redux. There will be four paintings and two print editions based on McGinness deconstructing the corporate sponsors’ logos and integrating them into his pieces. The exhibition is followup of his 2003 BlK/Mrkt Sponsorship project where corporation logos were displayed in prominence correlated to their level […]

Teaser: Ryan McGinness – “Trophies” @ PRISM

May will be a month of multiple Ryan McGinness shows in Los Angeles, one of which will be held at the PRISM gallery on Sunset.  Trophies, a new solo from the NY-based artist at the impressive space, will open on May 26th and feature new gold sculptures from his Women series (covered in Miami and New York). From some of the renderings seen above, it looks like there will be multiple wall murals planned along with the three-dimensional work. Other venues where you can catch […]

Teaser: Ryan McGinness – “Art History Is Not Linear” @ Page Bond Gallery

A different kind of show opens tonight in Richmond, Virginia entitled Art History Is Not Linear at the Page Bond Gallery.  Ryan McGinness has taken paintings from the permanent collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and reduced them to their basic elements with his same special technique utilized in his recent blacklight series of paintings. It will be interesting to see what kind of dialogue is created with the chosen paintings seen in a new context.

Teaser: “I Love Japan More Than Ever” Silent Auction / Film (New York)

As the tragedy in Japan continues to unfold, there continues to be an outpouring of support from around the world with the artists being no exception. AM continues our look at some select projects (more here) that have caught our eye and hope that you take some time to show your love as well. I Love Japan More Than Ever is one of these charity events, a silent auction and film set to open on March 31st in Brooklyn. It is certainly worth a look […]

Openings: Ryan McGinness – “Women: The Blacklight Paintings” @ Standard NY’s Le Bain

Armory Week can get a little overwhelming with the number of formal fairs which one can attend. By the end of the week, we needed to blow off some steam. It’s a good thing Ryan McGinness knows how to throw a party/exhibition. Teaming up with Country Club x The Standard, Mr. McGinness transformed Le Bain (one of Manhattan’s hottest clubs) into a living gallery. Utilizing his blacklight techniques, he again converted the ladies of the brass pole into organic subjects to compliment the eye-popping artworks which […]

Teaser: Armory Week ’11 – Ryan McGinness – “Women: The Blacklight Paintings” @ Country Club

Following up on the sultry success of the first installment of Women: The Blacklight Paintings during Art Basel Week at South Beach’s Club Madonna (covered), Ryan McGinness will yet again be teaming up with Country Club and The Standard to initiate part two of the event-based project during this years Armory Week in New York. This time, fluorescent painted dancers will flock to the rooftop club Le Bain at The Standard NY, serving as the performance art backdrop to McGinness’ Blacklight Paintings. The impending party […]