Last Thursday evening, AM was on hand for visual artist Ellis Gallagher’s (interviewed) first solo exhibition in his native NYC entitled “Ocular Echoism: The Autonomy of Ellis Gallagher.” The show was curated by Kimberly de Los Angeles of the de L’autonomy Mission at the multilevel Collective Hardware Gallery in the Bowery. We were lucky enough to be there for the installation all week and to share some pics of the fun with you.

More about the show, all the photos from the installation/opening and a video of Ellis G. fire tagging after the jump.

For this show, Ellis decided to bring the streets and his chalk inside the gallery space. The show consisted of an installation of found objects from the streets from an NYPD security gate, garbage can, various newspaper boxes, cinder blocks, beer cans, bottles, caps, empty spray paint cans and more placed in front of a section of the gallery wall representative of a city street wall, complete with graffiti, rolled over and covered up tags, drips, paint splats and even one of Ellis’ signature fire tags in tribute to the late Dash Snow (art focus). Ellis also did a chalk piece of a milk crate lit up against the wall and other chalk pieces done in the space were of a hanging bike from the ceiling and a shadow of the railing leading up to the second floor gallery. Also shown in the vast space were mounted photos of Ellis’ street work as well as canvas photos of his work.

There was a great vibe in the space all night long and was constantly packed with Ellis’ friends, collectors, gallerists, admirers and curious passersby. The drinks were free flowing as DJ Anthony Avatar spun records until the band Spacecamp took the stage and got the party rockin’ well into the night.

Due to the show’s overwhelmingly rave response, the de L’autonomy Mission has assessed that yet a second creative revelry is in order and is pleased to announce:

The Party No. II at Collective Hardware
July 30th, 2009 at 7PM
de L’autonomy will be revealing 9 new works from Ellis Gallagher that have yet to be seen. Artists Claw Money and Kenneth E. Parris III are coming out to support the exhibition adding new work and installation into the mix.

Words and photos by Joe Russo (AM-NY).
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