After a five month ordeal with Boston authorities, Shepard Fairey’s latest drama has finally come to an end. Shepard, who was arrested on January 22 at the ICA (reported), was initially charged with over 30 counts of vandalism, tagging and destruction of property. Between April and June, the courts threw out over 21 of the charges against Shepard. This past Friday, Fairey consented to a plea deal that will dismiss the remaining 11 vandalism charges. Conditions of the plea prohibit Shepard from “carrying stickers, posters, wheat paste, brushes and other tools of the graffiti trade while in Suffolk County for the next two years.”

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In addition, under the arrangement, Fairey plead guilty to three vandalism charges and must pay a $2,000 fine. With this chapter behind him, Shepard is now free to focus on his upcoming body of work with his newly signed gallery, Deitch in New York (reported).

Via The Boston Globe.
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