Fall has officially come to a close as November capped off a great start to this art season. As winter kicks off with the big art fairs, we move to recap some of the best stories of last month in another edition of Second Helpings. Get served after the jump.

Sleepboy recommends:

1) Openings: Aya Takano – “Reintegrating Worlds” @ Skarstedt Gallery

One of our favorite Japanese artists, Aya Takano, opens her solo show in NY with a new body of work. Not only were the paintings vibrant, playful, and imaginative, they were also huge! One of Murakami’s start proteges is definitely one to keep an eye on.

2) Jeremy Fish @ Laguna Art Museum

It’s always encouraging to see an artists from our movement land an important show and continue to promote our genre. Jeremy Fish’s show at the Laguna Art Museum is another step in the right direction. Take a look at our studio visit as well to get a more in-depth look at the exhibition.

3) Openings: Barry McGee & Phil Frost – “Mind the Gap” @ Prism

Barry Mcgee and Phil Frost were excellent choices for the inaugural show of the new boys in town – Prism. In a no-expense-spared opening extravaganza, the new gallery showed off it’s architecture, art, social and cultural relevance for all of Los Angeles to see. Make sure you visit this exhibition and rejoice in another quality gallery in the region.

Juggernut3 recommends:

1) Openings: Kris Kuksi – “Beast Anthology” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Kris Kuksi brought another gaggle of triumphant and iconic sculptures in his second show with Joshua Liner Gallery. It never gets boring as Kris pushes the thin line of classic and vanguard symbolism in each of his intricate works of art. We can’t wait to see his next body of work that will come this summer.

2) Openings: Liu Ye – “Leave Me in the Dark” @ Sperone Westwater

One of AM’s favorite Chinese artists, Liu Ye, returns to the US with some newly created gems that reminds the world why his simple yet symbolic reflections of Asian life & ideals garner so much critical praise and demands the respect of even the most seasoned art enthusiast.

3) Openings: Greg “Craola” Simkins – “The Pearl Thief” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

Sometimes we worry that preview videos and studio visits could spoil shows for us, but it doesn’t ever seem to be the case with Greg Simkins. Nothing compares to seeing his works in person and being able to take in this body of work from his hyperactive imagination coupled with his ludicrous talents.

Khoi recommends:

1) Andy Warhol’s Eight Elvises Sells for $100 million

Probably the most influential artist seen in contemporary art today reaches a financial landmark that very few have ever achieved. The Warhol market is the most vibrant and interesting ones today (sorry Picasso) and this one will be referenced in the years to come.

2) Openings: Barry McGee & Phil Frost – “Mind the Gap” @ Prism

The grand opening of Prism ushers in an exciting and momentous occasion for Los Angeles art fans. The architectural marvel and fantastic art space played host to two of the most important urban and street artists today and showcased their work beautifully. AM is very excited to see what the future holds for Prism.

3) Openings: Jeff Koons – “New Paintings” @ Gagosian LA

A perfect match: one of the masters in art today shows his extraordinary works in the most prestigious gallery in the world. The breathtaking, labor-intensive paintings, almost perfectly technically executed, were awe-inspiring to look at and a joy to behold. Koons explores sexuality, culture, and change in the most interesting and visually appealing ways.