El Mac & Retna - photo by Luna Park

With more murals than you can count at this year’s Art Basel Week in Miami, here is part two (see part one here) of our overview starting with the classic combination of Mac & Retna (who also had a solo show at Primary Projects). Take a look at the results of other artists’ hard work after the jump including Os Gemeos, Ekundayo, Chris Stain, Aiko, Roa, and more…

Tes One

Aiko - photo by Luna Park

Roa - photo by Luna Park

Nunca - photo by Luna Park

Chor Boogie - photo by Luna Park

Pixel Pancho & Ekundayo - photo via Angry Woebots

Joe Iurato & Chris Stain - photo by Becki Fuller

Os Gemeos, Nina, and Finok - photo by Becki Fuller

Roa - photo by Becki Fuller

Michael De Feo - photo by Becki Fuller