This week’s video Rewind has a mini-documentary (source) on Gary Baseman (featured) produced by Eric Minh Swenson at the very top of the list. The in-depth interview reveals his thoughts behind his character Toby and his travels, his love for masks, how his sketchbooks document his travels, creating his own holiday, various characters he has created, the mythology behind his imagery, his personal history, and more. The footage also gives you an extensive look at his studio. Look for a major retrospective from Gary at the Skirball next year.

Other videos worth looking at include:

  • Teaser of Dan Witz’s new work for Amnesty International in Frankfurt, Germany (via Nuart).
  • Allison Torneros doing work for her Hueman Nature exhibition at Design Matters Gallery.
  • Matthew Williams is one artist that had works in Wall to Wall, The Fusion Collective’s one-night LA event.
  • Tependris Rising – an animated short film created by Konstantin Kakanias, with cameos by some familiar faces.
  • Second Self – an exhibition at LUX/EROS, curated by Joslin Van Arsdale of The Art Reserve.
  • A mini-documentary unmasking Gary Baseman (via LA I’m Yours).
  • Tape the Streets by the Shilo Crew (via Street Art Utopia).
  • An Os Gemeos interview about their mural for the Urban Forms Gallery in Lodz, Poland (via Highsnobiety).
  • RISK paints the edible bus stop (via The Seventh Letter).
  • An insightful interview with Momo (via Vandalog).
  • Moneyless for the Fame Festival.
  • Ericailcane and Hitnes work their magic in Mexico (via Upper Playground).
  • Pose, Vizie, and Steel hit up Hong Kong (via Hong Kong Hustle).
  • A look at the Erik Siador show at the HIVE Gallery in Los Angeles.
  • The Last Gate – animated and designed by Repaze and Saïr.