This week’s Streets: World Roundup feature is headlined by a new mural (photo by Lois Stavsky) in New York City by Ron English, who worked overtime to finish it before Hurricane Sandy hit. The piece (on Mulberry Street between Canal and Hester in New York’s Little Italy) depicting his Temper Tot character is a English’s first mural in Manhattan in about 25 years as part of The New York Comedy Festival and Vandalog’s series of indoor and outdoor installations collectively titled The Art of Comedy. If you are interested, you can join their The Art of Comedy‘s art crawl Saturday at noon to check out work by Ron, Hanksy and gilf!

Other notable work comes from Phlegm – Norway, Dimitris Taxis – Greece, Judith Supine x Jesse Hazelip – New York, LUMP – Poland, MOMO – Chicago (source), Barbara Kruger – California (source), Labrona – Canada (source), RIME – New York, Del & Nas! – Spain, Dolk – Japan (source), Escif – Spain, Interesni Kazki x Liqen – Ukraine, Hyuro – Spain, Evoca1 – Miami (source), and Cranio (source).

Photos via the festivals and artists unless otherwise specified…

Phlegm for ARD*POP-UP 2012 in Oslo, Norway.


Dimitris Taxis – “little pan playing his favorite middle finger melody” in Athens, Greece.


Judith Supine x Jesse Hazelip in Brooklyn.


LUMP in Lodz, Poland for Urban Forms Gallery.


MOMO in Chicago. Photo courtesy of Pawn Works Gallery © Marc Moran, via Brooklyn Street Art.


Barbara Kruger billboard at Venice and Cochran, Los Angeles, CA. Photo via hyde or die.


Labrona in Montreal. Photo via Unurth.


Nas! & Del in Ordes, Spain for the Desordes Creativas Festival.


Dolk in Osaka, Japan. Photo via StreetArtNews.


Escif – “Algorithms” in Valencia, Spain.


Escif – “Algorithms” in Valencia, Spain (detail).


Escif – “Algorithms” in Valencia, Spain (detail).


Interesni Kazki and Liqen in Yalta, Ukraine.


Interesni Kazki and Liqen in Yalta, Ukraine (detail).


Interesni Kazki and Liqen in Yalta, Ukraine (detail).


Hyuro in Valenca, Spain.


Evoca1 in Miami, Florida. Photo by Head8k via Savage Habit.


RIME in New York.