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Showing: “In The Moment: A Benefit Sale/Auction” @ Luggage Store Gallery

Last weekend, the non-profit Luggage Store Gallery held a benefit auction to support their efforts in programming future exhibitions, Tenderloin National Forest, public art programs, artist in residency as well as the Short Cuts and The Creative Music Series. Much of the works that were up for auction were by artists the gallery supported in the early stages of their careers. Some of the notable artists include Os Gemeos, Barry McGee, Tauba Auerbach, Date Farmers, Henry Gunderson, Steve Powers, Swoon, Clare Rojas and Andrew Schoultz […]

Tauba Auerbach Keynote Speaker @ The NY Art Book Fair (Queens)

The NY Art Book Fair is set to kick off tomorrow, September 30th running through October 3rd. Generously organized again by non-profit Printed Matter, the sixth iteration of the free and open to the public event will see more than 200 exhibitors, cementing itself as the world’s premier event for artists’ books, contemporary art catalogs and monographs, art periodicals, and artist zines. The gravity defying architecture of MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, Queens is reason enough to attend. However, as an even greater incentive this […]

Previews: Frank Stella – “Geometric Variations” @ Paul Kasmin Gallery

On Thursday, September 22nd, Paul Kasmin Gallery will be opening an exhibition of seminal works from influential American painter Frank Stella. Famously stating a painting is “a flat surface with paint on it – nothing more”, and with his geometrically composed, yet controversially titled 1959 painting Die Fahne Hoch! as an early example, he has long been considered a founding figure in the evolution of minimalism and post-painterly abstraction. To a large degree, today’s more contemporary op-art movement, as well as some of the artists […]

Setup: Park Life Pop-Up Store @ Paulson Bot Press

San Francisco gallery/store, Park Life has teamed up with print shop Paulson Bot Press for a temporary pop-up store filled with artwork and merchandise at their West Berkeley warehouse space. Park Life has curated the gallery space with new and past editions and originals from artists such as Tauba Auerbach, Andrew Schoultz, Tucker Nichols, Clare Rojas, Barry McGee, Chris Johanson and more. The opening reception for the store is tonight and only runs til September 16 during the print shop’s operating hours. Check out photos […]

Releases: Tauba Auerbach x Paulson Bott Press – “Etchings”

Rising star artist Tauba Auerbach has been working hard with the master printers at Paulson Bott Press to create five amazing new editions, which are scheduled to be released today. For these prints, Auerbach re-conceptualized the etching process of print-making, which basically entails an image being drawn onto a copper plate and then etched into the metal using acid. For Plate Distortions I, II and III, instead of drawing, Auerbach folded pieces of copper foil and then used those as the basis of the prints. […]

Openings: Tauba Auerbach – “A Book Is Not An X” @ John McWhinnie & GHB

On Friday, Tauba Auerbach unveiled a truly unique body of work at John McWhinnie @ GHB in East Hampton, NY. The show entitled A Book Is Not An X (previewed) is a play on a statement she made last year in an Artforum review of Carsten Nicolai’s book Grid Index: “a book is an X-axis. The format is almost always linear; the content, bound in a prescribed order, marches single file.” For this exhibition Tauba created six “books” and each plays on this notion and […]

Preview: Tauba Auerbach – “A Book Is Not An X” @ Glen Horowitz Booksellers (East Hampton)

This evening out on the tip of Long Island, Tauba Auerbach will be unveiling a new body of experimental work at the Glen Horowitz Bookseller’s East Hampton space. Hosted by owner John McWhinnie and curated by Jeremy Sanders from 6 Decades Books, A Book Is Not An X continues Auerbach’s insatiable appetite for the methodical and mathematical. Through a series of six “books”, essentially sculptures that deconstruct and recontectualize the book as it’s conventional perceived into a wholly unique aesthetic form (in a similar, yet […]

Releases / Publications: Tauba Auerbach – “[2,3]” Pop-up Book

As we first previewed over half a year ago, it appears the much-anticipated, highly ambitious Tauba Auerbach pop-up book has finally worked out all the production kinks and is ready for an official release. Published by Printed Matter in a hand signed and numbered edition of 1,000 (with 100 proofs), [2,3] is comprised of six individual pop-up sculptures, each housed in its own cover and collectively assembled in a custom slipcase. Exploring the dynamics between two dimensions and three dimensions, a common theme in Auerbach’s […]

Releases/Highlights: Tauba Auerbach “[2,3]” Pop-Up Book & MOVE! Performance

A little over a month ago at the NY Book Fair, organized by the largest non-profit dedicated to publications made by artists Printed Matter, Tauba Auerbach unveiled the beginnings of an intriguing and gravity defying pop-up book. On the heels of her powerful solo exhibition, The W Axis (covered), as well as a blowout result at a recent charity auction where one of her much sought after Fold paintings reportedly sold for nearly 10x the estimate, the scalding hot contemporary artist has condensed her methodical […]

Showing: Tauba Auerbach – “The W Axis” @ Standard (Oslo)

Few artists are capable of transforming the ordinary into the transcendent quite like Tauba Auerbach. From manipulating simple letters in clever and meaningful ways to replicating the intricate patterns produced by analog TV static, or perhaps most famously reordering every letter in the Bible alphabetically into a cloth bound book of gibberish, the American artist has the uncanny ability to squeeze every last drop of value out of seemingly dull subjects, tweaking perspective ever so gently so as to bend perception in the most dramatic […]