As July heat beat down mercilessly on us, we found refuge in the cool indoor confines of the art world as it welcomed us with air conditioned goodness mixed with fantastic works of art. AM brings you another jam packed edition of Second Helpings where we give you a look at the best stories of the month. Get served after the jump.

Sleepboy recommends:

1) Faile – “Temple” @ PortugalArte ’10

The Brooklyn duo put together an unexpected masterpiece with their epic installation work for the PortgalArte 10 fair in Lisbon – a mini-cathedral with sculptural renditions of Faile’s most iconic imagery. Take a look at all the pics and video that we have gathered for you and rejoice that this will become a traveling work of art hopefully to a city near you soon.

2) Video: Blu – “Big Bag Big Boom”

Always highly anticipated and never disappointing, Blu’s “graf-animations” are imaginative, visually arresting, and unforgettable. The latest incarnation, “Big Bag Big Boom” is no different and took a god-awful amount of time to put together so let’s take another look at Italian street artist’s video above together.

3) Natalia Fabia – “Fashionable Aftertaste Without End” @ Corey Helford Gallery

We have been fans of Natalia’s works here for a while now, but with her latest body of work for her newest solo show, she’s taken things to a new level. Her love affair with Japanese culture has been well documented but now, she’s added that to her paintings, giving them a new refreshing twist. Take a look for yourselves.

Khoi recommends:

1) Dennis Hopper – “Double Standard” @ MOCA

Controversial art world politics and the untimely passing of Mr. Hopper himself aside, this is a really great retrospective. Dennis Hopper’s art career was overshadowed by his hugely successful film career and this exhibition proves how exceptional he was at creating art and photographing people and places.

2) Come As You Are @ Prism Gallery

The summer is usually a time for group shows that feature lesser known or emerging artists or includes leftover pieces by more popular ones, but that does not apply for Prism Gallery, who always likes to be on the very top of their game. This show includes the very best pieces by top tier artists, such as Os Gemeos, Barry McGee, and The Clayton Brothers – an all around spectacular exhibition.

3) Viva La Revolucion @ Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

Another notch in institutional acceptance of the contemporary street art movement. This is one fantastic show and includes most of the artists that should be included, like Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, Banksy, and Swoon. There are some really impressive pieces, so check it out yourself when you can.

Juggernut3 recommends:

1) Viva La Revolucion in San Diego

Not much needs to be said about this groundbreaking street art show in sunny San Diego with some of the best examples of street art making it down to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego for an excellent group survey. If that wasn’t enough, the residents of SD were treated to some nice outdoor work from participating artists such as Os Gemeos, Invader and Shepard Fairey.

2) Complex Magazine x Jose Parla x KAWS x REAS

Continuing a great tradition of entertainment and art collaborations, Complex took time to round up photo shoots involving heavy hitters such as Parla x T.I., REAS x B.O.B. and an unforgettable Lohan sighting through the eyes of KAWS.

3) Nick Walker on the Streets of New York City

Nothing beats hanging out with one of your favorite artists, especially when it’s on the streets of New York and you’re involved. Nick recently invited us along on his trip to NYC and we captured his talented process when he built these beauties.