January jump started 2010 with a flurry of art that kept us busy and entertained. To get you caught up, the staff at AM picked some of the freshest stories for another edition of Second Helpings. Get served after the jump.

Sleepboy recommends:

1) New stencils and documentary from Banksy @ Sundance Film Festival

A groundbreaking and sure to be entertaining documentary directed by Banksy debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, not to mention some new pieces from the Bristol Bomber. Take a look at our coverage of his latest adventures. Now if only we can get a copy of that film…

2) “Who Killed The Music” Grammy art show

Another strong show from put together by Kris Lewis (interviewed) and crew. Hopefully this will end up being an annual show as it brings some visibility to many of the artists we know and follow. Also, felt good to hook up some readers with tickets to the opening.

3) Jeremy Geddes Interview

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know an artist we only recently discovered better with an interview. The Melbourne-based artist’s stunning new series of “Cosmonaut” paintings are a joy to look at, leaving us anxiously awaiting what he comes up with next.

Khoi recommends:

1) Jeffrey Deitch – New Director of MOCA, Deitch Projects Closing

The momentous appointment of Jeffrey Deitch as the new director of MOCA in Los Angeles sent shock waves throughout the art world, as it marks the first time a commercial art dealer and gallery owner assumes leadership of a major US museum. It also means the end of highly-respected and energetic Deitch Projects in New York, with Shepard Fairey’s first solo exhibition there scheduled to close out the gallery.

2) Banksy premieres “Exit Through the Gift Shop” at Sundance

Banksy brings the same fantastic witty cleverness and humor to film as he does to the streets and galleries as “Exit Through the Gift Shop” debuts to tremendous anticipation and buzz. The film may end once and for all the wild and rampant speculation about the mystery that is Mr. Brainwash. One thing is for certain – this film will raise the profile of street art, Banksy, and Shepard Fairey in the mainstream.

3) Artists rally to fund Haitian relief efforts

It is always wonderful and heart warming to see people step up and offer help to those in need. The earthquake that ravaged Haiti was a truly terrible event, but seeing artists such as Josh Keyes (and Tiny Showcase), who raised nearly $30,000, and David Choe (featured), who put out money from his own pocket to pay for printing costs and donating the entire sale of his print run, renews your faith in the generosity and kindness of your fellow man.

Juggernut3 recommends:

1) Openings: Josh Keyes – “Fragment” @ Jonathan LeVine

One of our favorite artists Josh Keyes premiered a new body of work “Fragment” this month at JLG. The result? Stunning details and great subjects. The ever environmentally conscious artist took us on a very real journey to what can very well be our future if we don’t think about the consequences of our expansion. A must see if you’re fortunate enough to be in NYC.

2) Jeffrey Deitch – New Director of MOCA, Deitch Projects Closing

The headlines were abuzz with rumors that soon became fact – “Jeffrey Deitch was the next in line to head the MOCA in LA” The first ever major museum to appoint a dealer as its director certainly made for interesting discussion and reflections.

3) Sketchbook: Ian Francis

Ian Francis’ work is something to behold as we were lucky enough to visit his studio. But, when we got there, it made sense that his incredible paintings were in part due to his immense passion and devotion to perfecting his skills. In our sketchbook series of articles, we showed you a glimpse of the sketches and studies that he works on prior to painting on canvas. Breath-taking…