Leading this week’s world roundup of street activity is this new mural from Specter (source). The storefront looks amazingly real and was painted for the Bushwick Five Points Festival in Brooklyn. Other walls worth mentioning include work from Andreco and Erica il Cane – Morocco (source), Niels SHOE Meulman – Italy (source), Matt W. Moore – Paris (source), Remed (Italy), Joe Iurato – New York (source), Mesa (Greece), Zilda (Italy), David Roberts – Toronto (source), Cope2 & Flying Fortress (New York), Dimitris Taxis (Athens), and Shok-1 tribute to the late Stayhigh.

Andreco and Erica il Cane in Morocco. Photo via Vandalog.

Niels SHOE
Muelman in Perugia, Italy for the COMMA urban art festival. Photo via Graffart.

Matt W. Moore in Paris. Photo via Graffuturism.

Remed – “Life Swimmer” in San Benedetto, Italy.

Joe Iurato at Welling Court in New York. Photo by LoisInWonderland on flickr.

Mesa for Meeting of Styles in Greece.

Zilda – “La Coppa della Morte” in Naples, Italy.

Derek Besant’s streel frame mounted mural in Toronto. Photo via Juxtapoz.

Cope2 & Flying Fortress in New York.

Dimitris Taxis in Athens.

Shok-1’s tribute mural to the late Stayhigh.