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Rewind: April 30 – May 6

We start this week’s summary of videos with a timelapse from Colin M. Day of German duo Herakut in action. Watch as Jasmin & Falk aka Hera & Akut get their paint on for a piece in their Loving the Exiled showing in San Francisco (covered). Other worthy videos include: Christie’s is auctioning Yves Klein’s legendary Fire-Color Painting FC 1. A closer look at Tim Biskup’s part of the Emoticon Project. A chance to win a Thomas Campbell flower courtesy of HUCK Magazine. Talking to […]

Openings: “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” @ Copro Gallery

A couple weeks ago, the 20th anniversary of cult hit television show Twin Peaks was celebrated with a group exhibition at the Copro Gallery entitled Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. A diverse set of artists were ask to create artwork based thematically on the dark side and imagery from the show including Shag, Brett Amory, Esao Andrews, Glenn Barr, Chris Berens, Tim Biskup, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Lori Earley, Stella Im Hultberg, Jessica Joslin, Andy Kehoe, Dan May, Tara McPherson, Chris Peters, Dan […]

Showing: “Vinyl Revisionists” @ Warner Brothers

The art of the album cover has a longstanding cultural and historic impact, both on contemporary society and new contemporary art. From the psychedelic album covers of the sixties to the gritty urban photographic hip hop album covers of the 90s, few mediums have been as unheralded yet impactful as these visual interpretations of the defining sounds of each generation. Warner Brothers Records in Burbank has recently opened a group show inviting artists to reinterpret their favorite albums and covers from the label’s expansive catalog. […]

Teaser: “Noteworthy Project Auction” @ Martha Otero Gallery

A couple months ago, we shared with you a project from Samsung where Tim Biskup was asked to re-imagine the sad face emoticon. It turns out other artists were asked to do the same thing with some of the other more common emoticons and acronyms including AJ Fosik, Megan Whitmarsh, Steven Harrington, Reza Ali, as well as Craig & Karl (see video after the jump). Now, the series of work produced for the Noteworthy Project will be auctioned off to benefit Peace First at a […]

Rewind: (March 5 – March 11)

Another week, another list of noteworthy art videos for our readers to peruse. Our featured video is entitled Sweeping Beauty II and shows what an artist Niels Shoe Meulman from Singapore and do with just a broom and water. Vernissage TV visits the Armory & Volta Art Fair. A new Know Hope mural in NYC (via Nuart). See how Terry Richardson was cloned for his OH-WOW Gallery exhibition. Tim Biskup rethinks emoticons for a documentary series on Trailer for Cindy Sherman exhibition on view at […]

Videos: Tim Biskup for Mastodon’s “Dry Bone Valley” Music Video

Continuing to show an appreciation for a genre of art that AM also appreciates, Mastodon recently released their Tim Biskup (featured) directed Dry Bone Valley music video from their album The Hunter (which featured cover design from A.J. Fosik). The video which premiered on Boing Boing, also featured animation and the signature pixelated creatures from the LA-based artist. Discuss Tim Biskup here.

Closings: Tim Biskup – “Gravity’s Migraine” @ The Standard (Hollywood)

On Tuesday, The Standard Hotel in Hollywood frequent collaborator Tim Biskup (featured) for the closing of his most recent installation titled Gravity’s Migraine. We had recently posted some pics of the glass vitrine space and front lobby, but went back to catch the end of the feature and to get a firsthand look with Tim. The see through cube which sits behind the hotel’s reception desk featured a woman inside the space which brings to the forefront issues of voyeurism and  the lack of privacy. However, Biskup […]

Showing: Tim Biskup “The Box” Installation @ The Standard (Hollywood)

After returning from Miami and the festivities of Art Basel Week, Tim Biskup (featured) headed over to The Standard Hotel in Hollywood to work on a new project. For his second stint as the designer of the installation at the glass vitrine space (see his first here) behind the front desk, Tim decided to utilize his signature pixelated motif in the background wall and foreground glass as well as some abstract twining hangings scattered about the hotel lobby all centered on the theme of an upside […]

Preview: “La Luz de Jesus 25” Part II

After hosting the first part of their 25th anniversary group show last month, La Luz De Jesus makes room for the opening of round two of the festivities on November 4th. With such a rich and storied tradition and one of the early visionaries in the game, Billy Shire, as the gallery owner, the long list of participants necessitated splitting the celebration into two parts. Next up is a lineup that includes Ana Bagayan, Shawn Barber, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Bob Dob, Michael Hussar, Jordin Isip, Jessica […]

Openings: Tim Biskup – “Former State” @ THIS Gallery

Last Friday, Tim Biskup exhibited a new body of work in a show titled Former State. As previously seen during a studio visit with the LA-based artist, his latest effort continues to expand on the polygon-based style that he has been exploring the last several years. However, what was interesting this time around is that he used small models as a guide to his larger artworks. Each of his new paintings featured a small sculpture next to it which the artist created as a way […]